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Alumni in Social Services

Though Knox has only offered the Social Service minor since fall of 2002, many graduates have gone on to careers centered around working with groups from socially disadvantaged backgrounds and other types of social work. Below is a list of examples.

Post-baccalaureate Fellow, Knox College, working with Knox Prairie Community Kitchen, and serves as a TRIO Tutor Coordinator. Rosie Worthen '11. Social Services minor.

Team Leader, Americorps project, South Carolina. Jennifer Walker ’02, Psychology major.

Graduate Student, Master of Social Work Program, Economic development and housing issues in poor neighborhoods, St. Louis University, St. Louis, Missouri. Brooks Goedeker ’02, Sociology and Anthropology and Psychology major.

Case Investigator, Department of Children and Family Services, Galesburg, Illinois. Dawn Trulson, ’87, Sociology and Anthropology major.

Founder and Facilitator, Initiative for Girls, a teen pregnancy prevention program that focuses on peer leadership, goal-building, and personal health and safety, Galesburg, Illinois. Brenda Lehr, ’93, Education Coordinator for Family Planning Service of Western Illinois, President of the AIDS task force of Western Illinois.

Researcher, Annapurna, a non-governmental organization that loans small amounts of money to poor women to help them start small businesses out of their homes, Bombay, India. Manacy Pai ’02, Anthropology and Sociology major.

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