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Internships and Study Abroad

You know that real world experience you hear so much about? Internships, Clinical Term, and study abroad opportunities are a great way to apply what you're learning in class -- in Galesburg and beyond.

Karyn Kraska '14
Karyn Kraska '14

Intern, Maryville Academy

Karyn's internship involved working in a residential home for teens with behavioral and psychological diagnoses. She helped clients with participating in recreational activities, managing behaviors, and following their treatment plans.

Psychology Internships

Internships take place anytime of the year or during the summer. You'll even earn course credit through the Internship in Psychology (PSYC 355) class. Recent examples of psychology-related internships in the Galesburg area include:

  • Safe Harbor Family Crisis Center
  • Galesburg Rescue Mission
  • Heartland Health Care Center
  • Henry C. Hill Correctional Facility
  • Lutheran Social Services
  • Salvation Army
  • St. Mary's Square Living Center
  • Stone-Hayes Center

Recent internships outside of Galesburg include:

  • The Banyan Tree, India
  • Brookfield Zoo, Chicago, Illinois
  • Central Illinois Neurosciences, Peoria, Illinois
  • The Challenge Foundation, Denver, Colorado
  • IAM Cares, Chicago, Illinois
  • Stanford University Department of Psychology
  • University of Miami School of Medicine's Mailman Center for Child Development

Clinical Term

You can completely immerse yourself in clinical and counseling psychology by taking two courses -- Clinical and Abnormal Psychology (PSYC 277) and Theories & Methods of Psychotherapy (PSYC 279) -- while completing a clinical psychology internship at the same time.

You'll be in the same setting as clinical psychologists, counselors, and social workers. And, you can apply what you're learning in class to the real world. Our students have worked with the chronically mentally ill, the developmentally disabled, families and children experiencing a variety of difficulties in adjustment, and women and children who are the victims of domestic abuse.

Study Abroad & Off-Campus Programs

Are you up for studying in a different country or off-campus? Many of our students take advantage of our global, national, and local programs to collect data for cross-cultural research projects or to supplement their classroom studies. Most recently our psychology majors have been to Barcelona, Besancon, Buenos Aires, Chicago, Denmark, Florence, Germany, India, Japan, and Tanzania.

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