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Alumni in Political Science

As a political science graduate, you will have gained preparation for a wide range of postgraduate endeavors. A degree in political science is a strong foundation for careers in local, state or national government, transnational governmental or non-governmental organizations and business. Among nearly 1,000 current Knox alumni who majored in political science are the following:

Reporter, Chicago Sun-Times. David Newbart '90.

Legislative Correspondent, United States Senate, Washington, D.C. Brad Middleton '08. Political Science major.

Director, School of Public Service, Central Michigan University. David K. Jesuit '91.

Consultant, Navigant Consulting, and Knox Alumna Trustee. Erica Jaffe '08.

Freelance Writer/ Contributing Editor, Smithsonian Magazine, Washington, D.C. Constance Bond '67.

49th Ward Alderman, City of Chicago, Illinois. Joseph A. Moore '80.

Legislative Aid, Ohio Senator Jeff Jacobson, Columbus, Ohio. Gregory Saul '03.

Fulbright Fellow, Fulbright Fellowship, South Korea. David Han '06.

Professor of Politics and Dean, Hampshire College, Amherst, Massachusetts. Michael Ford '64.

Research Associate, Legislative Research Unit of the Illinois General Assembly, Springfield, Illinois. Thomas Bazan '05. German and Political Science major.

Diplomat, U.S. Department of State, Washington D.C. Virginia Canil '73.

Professor of Political Science, University of Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Jeffrey Hockett '81.

General Counsel, YMCA of the USA, Chicago, Illinois. Janet M. Koran '71.

Vice President, Institute for Higher Education Policy, Washington, D.C. Colleen O'Brien '90.

Dunn Fellow, Illinois Governor's Office, Springfield, Illinois. Stephen Moore '05. History and Political Science major.

Executive Vice President and General Manager, Doremus Public Relations, New York City, New York. Nina Palmer-Sweeney '68.

Program Director, Institute for Latvian Studies, Jurmala, Latvia. Mara Simanis '83.

President, Petter Business Systems, Paducah, Kentucky. John E. Sircy '78.

Robert W. Murphy Professor of Political Science, Knox College, Galesburg, Illinois. Robert Seibert '63.

Central Asian Bureau Manager, The Eastnet News Service, Moscow, Russia. Patricia Szymczak '75.

Legal Assistant, Kirkland and Ellis LLP., Washington, D.C. Paige Barnum '10, and Carrie Bueche '10.

Legislative Analyst, Illinois House of Representatives, Springfield, Illinois. Donovan Griffith '07.

Foreign Service Officer and Career Diplomat, U.S. Department of State, Washington, D.C. Eugene Tadie '74.

Professor of Political Science, Webster University, St. Louis, Missouri. Gwyneth Williams '79.

Assistant U.S. Attorney, Department of Justice, Denver, Colorado. Bernard Hobson '74. History and Political Science major.

Chief Medicaid Economist, New Mexico Human Services Department, Albuquerque, New Mexico. Daniel Harris '82.

Commercial and Business Broker, McEnearney & Associates, Alexandria, Virginia. Wendel Swan '65.

Mayor of Chicago Ridge, Charles Tokar '75.

Supervising Attorney, Legal Aid Society, Ardsley, New York City, New York. Peter McShane '70.

Attorney and Partner, Wiley Rein & Fielding L.L.P., Arlington, Virginia. Margaret Ryan '85.

Deputy District Attorney, Kern County District Attorney, Bakersfield, California. John Somers '81.

Attorney and Principal, Dube & Godgal, P.C., Baltimore, Maryland. Lawrence Dube '70.

Lead Case Law Editor, LexisNexis, Chicago, Illinois. Christine Seyller Ross '95.

Attorney, Crabtree & Rahmsdorff, P.C., Bend, Oregon. Thomas Crabtree '72.

Professor Emeritus, University of California, Berkeley, California. Kent MacDougall '53.

Principal,Bloomington Public Schools, Bloomington, Illinois. Richard Stempinski '89.

Dean of International Programs, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana. Alexander Rabinowitch '56.

Legislative Auditor, Office of the State Auditor, Boulder, Colorado. Gregory Fugate '96.

CPA and Stockbroker, Raymond James Financial Services, Bowling Green, Ohio. Joan Dude Callecod '62.

Assistant Vice President, Aon Trade Credit, Brooklyn, New York City, New York. Kara Van Kirk Levin '97.

State's Attorney, Ogle County State' Attorney Office, Byron, Illinois. Douglas Floski '78.

Multimedia Producer and Writer, WGBH (PBS Station), Cambridge, Massachusetts. Christine Herbes-Sommers '70.

Vice President, National City Bank, Carmel, Indiana. Ilese Mauskapf Hoyniak '79.

Attorney, McDonald Strickland & Clough, Carrolton, Illinois. Hugh Strickland '53.

Legal Information and Knowledge Manager, Baxter Healthcare Corporation. Joseph Earl Finke '96.

Lawyer and Senior Partner, Michael Best & Friedrich L.L.C., Chapell Hill, North Carolina. William Ives '55.

Attorney, Barash and Everett, Chicago, Illinois. Jamie Ross '96.

Police Officer, Chicago Police Department, Chicago, Illinois. Peter Bates '87.

Senior Policy Analyst, City of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois. Laurie Dittman '79.

Attorney, James A. Stamos & Associates Chtd., Chicago, Illinois. James Stamos '61.

Attorney and Principal, Kevin Edward White & Associates, Chicago, Illinois. Kevin White '78. Economics and Political Science major.

Illinois State Senator, 29th District, Julie Jones Morrison '78.

Attorney, City of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois. Kory Atkinson '00. History and Political Science major.

Legal Consultant, LexisNexis, Dayton, Ohio. Christina Rakers Holloway '96. Environmental Science and Political Science major.

Chief Deputy District Attorney, 14th Judicial District Attorney Office, Craig, Ohio. Amy Fitch '85.

Teacher of French and Spanish, Kent Denver Schools, Denver, Colorado. Mary Dalpes Thomas '93. Modern Languages and Political Science major.

Partner and Attorney, Kerr Friedrich Brosseau Bartlett, Denver, Colorado. David Kerr '64.

Administrative Law Judge, Illinois Department of Employment Security, Diverton, Illinois. Robert BonDurant '83.

Professor of Economics, University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois. Ira Goldberg '76. Economics and Political Science major.

Professor of Political Science, Fitchburg State College, Dublin, New Hampshire. Rodney Christy '72.

Political Science Professor, Elmhurst College, Elmhurst, Illinois. David Lindberg '61.

Attorney, Illinois Attorney General, Frankfurt, Illinois. Brian Moore '79.

Professor of Political Science, Knox College, Galesburg, Illinois. Karen Kampwirth '86. Spanish and Political Science major.

Assistant State's Attorney, Henry County State's Attorney, Geneseo, Illinois. Brian Kerr '00. Music and Political Science major.

Educational Administration, School Union 44, Gray, Maine. Will Burrow '63.

Judge, Circuit Court, Homewood, Illinois. James Rhodes '71.

Assistant News Editor, Dow Jones & Company, Jersey City, New Jersey. John Shipman '87.

Judge, Jackson County Circuit Court, Kansas City, Missouri. Sandra Midkiff '72.

Special Investigator, Farmers Insurance, Lindenhurst, Illinois. Andrew Kupsak '01.

Professor of Political Science, Northwest Missouri State University, Maryville, Missouri. Richard Fulton '62.

Business Analyst, Kimberly-Clark Corporation, Neenah, Wisconsin. Jason Monaco '98. Economics and Political Science major.

Speech Writer, Executive Communication Services, New York, New York. Gary Binnie '62.

Professor of Law, University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas. Douglass Whitman '70.

Professor of Political Science, University of West Florida, Pace, Florida. Cheryl Swanson '69.

Employee Relations, U.S Department of Education- Civil Rights, Plainfield, Illinois. Jeffrey Turnbull '91. English and Political Science major.

Assistant City Counselor, City of St. Louis, St. Louis, Missouri. Nicholas Bunnell '01.

Legislative Analyst, Minnesota Legislature, St. Paul, Minnesota. Danyell Punell LeMire '96.

Law Clerk, State of Minnesota, St. Paul, Minnesota. Amanda Weitekamp '98.

Senior Partner, Graham Jacobson Poch & Associates, Satellite Beach, Florida. Todd Poch '60. Psychology and Political Science major.

Appropriation Analyst, Illinois Senate Republicans, Springfield, Illinois. Jennifer Aring '99.

Assistant Professor of Political Science, Indiana State University. Nathan Myers '03.

Policy Advisor and Project Manager, World Visions, Inc., Washington D.C. Louis Davis '86.

Senior Marketing Specialist, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Washington D.C. Thomas Tichenor '67.

Development Director, Alzheimer's Association, West Des Moines, Iowa. Paul Crawford '96. Biology and Political Science major.

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