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Requirements for the Program

Peace Corps Preparatory Program Curriculum


  1. Foreign language study - 2 years.
  2. Area studies/international studies - 4 courses chosen from the course list.
  3. Students interested in teaching will take a minimum of 3 courses from the Educational Studies Department. Course work in ESL is also recommended for these students.

Enhancements (a minimum of 1 of the following)

  1. Off campus study with an international program.
  2. Business/management/account internship.
  3. Experience in agriculture and/or construction/skilled trade.
  4. Tutoring/teaching experience.
  5. Health care/outreach experience.

Volunteer service/internship in a community service development project (a minimum of 50 hours by the end of the junior year, with at least 100 hours by graduation.)

Candidates for the Peace Corps Preparatory Program are required to take a seminar on international service (to be offered for a half-credit). The course will address ways in which Americans can work to assist others beyond our borders, study the organizations engaged in international service, and the experiences of those who participate in the work of those organizations. The seminar will also address critical, environmental, economic, and educational issues in our increasingly globalized world and also the history of international service. Interested students apply to the Peace Corps Preparatory Program as sophomores, then spend their junior and senior years fulfilling the program's requirements.

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