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Peace Corps Preparatory Program Course List


Robin Ragan

Associate Professor of Modern Languages (Spanish), & Director, Eleanor Stellyes Center for Global Studies

2 East South Street

Galesburg, IL 61401-4999



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ANSO 102: Introduction to Culture and Society
ANSO 232: Indigenous Peoples of Latin America
ANSO 236: Peoples and Culture of Southeast Asia
ANSO 260: Medicine, Culture and Society
ANSO 270: Language and Culture
ANSO 324: Media and Globalization
ANSO 342: Contemporary Indigenous Movements in Latin America

Asian Studies
ASIA 141: Introduction to Chinese Civilization

BIOL 320: Ethnobotany

Africana Studies
BKST 145: Introduction to African Studies
BKST 220: Francophone African Literature
BKST 234: African and Black Caribbean Literature
BKST 260: African Dimensions of the Latin American Experience
BKST 335: "Afridentity" and "Hispanity" in Caribbean Literature from the 19th Century to the Present

Center for Teaching & Learning
CTL 104: English as a Second Language (1/2 cr)
CTL 140: Pedagogy in Practice (0 cr)
CTL 151: Introduction to Peer Tutoring (0 cr)
CTL 152: Advanced Peer Tutoring (0 cr)
CTL 202: Teaching Writing

ECON 368: Environmental Resource Economics
ECON 371: International Economics
ECON 373: Economic Development

Educational Studies (students interested in teaching while volunteering should take at least three of these courses, ESL work is also recommended)
EDUC 202: History of Education
EDUC 204: Psychological Foundations of Education
EDUC 205: Adolescent Development
EDUC 208: Reading and Writing Across the Content Areas
EDUC 209: Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages
EDUC 224: Integrating Technology in the Classroom (1/2 credit)
EDUC 301: Teaching and Learning in a Diverse World
EDUC 310: Perspectives on Curriculum

ENG 242: Post-colonialism

Environmental Studies
ECON 368: Environmental Resource Economics
ENVS 260: World Resources
ENVS 317: Principles of Ecology

Modern Languages
Chinese, French, German, Greek, Japanese, Latin, Spanish
Foreign Language (volunteer instructors): Arabic, Hebrew, Portuguese, Swahili, Hindi

HIST 140: Introduction to East Asian Civilization
HIST 245: International History
HIST 340: Culture and Diplomacy in Modern East Asia

Integrated International Studies
IIS 100: Introduction to Global Structures and Processes

Latin American Studies
LAST 121: Introduction to Latin American History
LAST 314: United States-Latin American Relations
LAST 326: Comparative Revolution
LAST 342: Contemporary Indigenous Movements in Latin America

PHIL 114: East Asian Philosophy

Political Science
PS 220: Survey of Comparative Politics
PS 222: Introduction to Latin American Politics
PS 227: Women and Latin American Politics
PS 301: Democracy and Globalization
PS 322: Politics in India
PS 323: Comparative Politics of the Middle East

Note: Additional courses (including ones transferred from other institutions or overseas programs) may be presented for possible approval.

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