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Meet the Music Faculty

Laura LaneLaura Lane, Chair
Professor of Music
D.M.A., University of Iowa, 1989
"My long-time love of contemporary American music continues to be a priority for me, I am particularly interested in discovering young women composers."
Bruce PolayBruce Polay
Professor of Music
D.M.A., Arizona State University, 1989
"My teaching certainly informs my work as a conductor, composer and pianist, just as my concert and creative experiences enhance and shape my classroom perspective."
Jeremy Day-O'ConnellJeremy Day-O'Connell
Associate Professor of Music
Ph.D., Cornell University, 2002
"I have always been fascinated by the simple question, 'How does music work?'"
Sarah Day-O'ConnellSarah Day-O'Connell
Associate Professor of Music
Ph.D., Cornell University, 2004
"I am writing a book on the English Canzonetta, a genre of song popular in the late 18th century. I combine musical analysis with interpretation of literary, visual, and material culture in order to explore how Joseph Haydn's canzonettas, and the canzonetta genre more broadly, participated in debates about gender, industrialization, and politics."
Nikki MalleyNikki Malley
Assistant Professor of Music
Ph.D., University of Iowa, 2012
"As a scholar, my research examines the hidden worlds of musical improvisation. As a director and performer, I seek to find connections between jazz as an historical art form and a contemporary, innovative, set of styles and sounds.

Daniel Godsil
Carolyn Kellert-Griffiths
Alison Meuth
Dean Petrie

Amy Waller
Lucas Wood

Director of Piano Studies
Ashlee MackAshlee Mack

Megan ClewellMegan Clewell, piano

Adjunct Faculty
Knox's adjunct faculty are professional musicians who provide individual instruction on the instruments noted.
Jason Brannon, percussion
Amber Clark
, classical piano, organ, and harpsichord
Denise Cooksey, flute, flute choir
Andy Crawford, jazz bass/guitar, Combo director
Pier Debes, Women's Chorale
Millie Dowling, viola
Laurel Etzel, Knox-Sandburg Community Concert band director
Sharon Faust, oboe
Sherrill Filzen, French horn
Daniel Godsil, rock/popular piano, Men's Ensemble, Chamber Singers
Mary Harlan, piano
Kevin Hart, jazz piano, Combo director
Justin Haynes, saxophone, jazz guitar
David Hoffman, trumpet/jazz trumpet, jazz piano, jazz composition, Cherry Street Combo director
Steve Jackson, jazz bass
Carolyn Kellert-Griffiths, music education
Manuel Lopez, percussion
Ashlee Mack, coordinator of piano instruction
Kevin Malley, saxophone and jazz saxophone, Combo director
Semenya McCord, jazz voice
Alison Mueth, voice
Dean Petrie, tuba and euphonium
Randy Pobanz, classical guitar
Louise Polay, violin
Laura Reynolds, clarinet
Carolyn Suda, cello, string ensemble, cello choir
Amy Waller, voice
Lucas Wood, voice

Emeritus Faculty
Charles Edward Farley

Robert W. Murphy Professor Emeritus of Music

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