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Requirements for the Majors

Requirements for the major in Modern Languages

11 to 14 credits (depending on prior language preparation):

  • a complete major in French, German, or Spanish
  • any two courses at the 200- or 300-level in a second language except those taught in English.

With permission of the chair, up to 2 credits in related studies outside the department may be counted toward electives in the major.

Students seeking teacher certification, in addition to a major in modern languages, are advised to have a strong minor in a second language or in another area of concentration.

Requirements for the Modern Languages and Classics major

A major in Modern Languages and Classics provides an opportunity to integrate the study of a modern language with Latin and/or Greek.

11 to 14 credits (depending on prior language preparation):

  • A complete major in one modern language (French, German, or Spanish)
  • Two advanced courses in Latin or two advanced courses in Greek.


  • A complete major in Classics
  • Two courses in modern languages at the 200- or 300-level.

Modern Languages Course Descriptions

Classics Course Descriptions

Greek Course Descriptions

Latin Course Descriptions

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