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Alumni in Mathematics

As a mathematics graduate, you'll be well prepared for a wide range of endeavors after Knox. For its size, Knox has an unusually large proportion of mathematics graduates who have earned the advanced degrees required for university, college and secondary teaching. Many majors have also found successful employment in computer firms, industrial and business firms, insurance companies, banks and branches of government. Following is a sampling of graduates in various careers:

Senior Vice President and Actuary, CNA Insurance Companies, Chicago, Illinois. Richard Garner '70.

Professor of Mathematics, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Mark Williams '77.

Financial Director-Europe, Searle, Monsanto-Searle Division. Craig M. Steele '76.

Astrophysicist, National Research Council, NASA, Greenbelt, Maryland. Sean C. Casey '82.

Chief U.S. Economist, Standard & Poor's Research Services, Lexington, Massachusetts. Cynthia Morse Latta '62.

Computer Analyst, Molex European Management Limited, Aldershot, England. Janice Drake Heron '81.

Math Teacher, Galesburg High School, Galesburg, Illinois. Rosemary Godsil Eisemann, Galesburg, Illinois '77.

Psychiatrist, Parkside Lutheran Hospital, Park Ridge, Illinois. David B. Altman '67.

Graduate Student, Ph.D. in Mathematics, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan. Jordan Watkins '07.

Professor Emeritus of Computer Science, Princeton University, Rinceton, New Jersey. Co-author of the BASIC Programming Language, Thomas Kurtz '50.

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