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Alumni in Latin American Studies

Knox has offered a formal concentration in Latin American Studies since 1997. Knox alumni who have done substantial work in Latin American Studies, or who are currently employed in Latin America, include:

Social Worker, Casey Norton '07.

Senior Coordinator of Latin American programs, Rotary Foundation Krista Batey '05.

Graduate Student, Latin American Anthropology, University of Iowa Alejandro Muzzio '08.

Political Organizer, Rosie Worthen '11.
Americorps, Anna Dvorak '12.

Project Coordinator, Wells Fargo Bank, San Francisco, California. Nancy Borman '82.

Boutique Owner, San Pedro, Costa Rica. Gioconda Cabalceta '84.

English Teacher, Institute Universal De Idoma, San Jose, Costa Rica. Isabel Cubillo '89.

Graduate Student, Université Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg, France. David Elizondo-Acuna '86.

Technical Assistant, Eletrobras, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Mary Cairns Guerrero '77.

Graduate Student, University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas. Sandra Gutierrez-Ruiz '93.

Technical Assistance Program Manager, COCEF/BECC Border Environment Cooperation, El Paso, Texas. April Lander '87.

Graduate Student, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio. Kara Van Kirk '97.

Financial Consultant, Merrill Lynch, New York City, New York. Dirk Van Roon '86.

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