A Japanese student puts on traditional dress, during events leading up to annual International Fair. #

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James Dyer

Assistant Professor of Journalism and Chair of Journalism

2 East South Street

Galesburg, IL 61401-4999



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Students display their countries flags at the annual International Fair in Ford Center for the Fine Arts.

Meet the Journalism Faculty

James DyerJames DyerChair
Assistant Professor of Journalism
M.A., University of Iowa, 2002

Michael Godsil Michael Godsil
Instructor in Art
B.A., Knox College, 1976 and 2004
"Recent self-assigned projects have involved multiple trips to the American Southwest to photograph isolated Anasazi ruins, a trip to Peru to photograph Machu Picchu and other Incan ruins, and a project photographing receding glaciers in Alaska, Montana, and the Canadian Rockies."

Robin MetzRobin Metz
Director, Program in Creative Writing, Philip Sidney Post Professor of English
M.F.A., University of Iowa, 1967
"...young writers in my classes are continually encouraged to explore the artistic and natural world around them as a way of discovering and articulating the intricacies of selfhood."

Nicholas Regiacorte Nick Regiacorte
Assistant Professor of English
M.F.A., University of Iowa, 1998
"My motivation to make poems remains to attain single moments of surprise, in which I feel at once stupider than humanly possible and smarter than I have ever been."


Christie Cirone Christie Cirone
Lecturer in Journalism
M.F.A., University of Illinois-Champaign, 1992

Cooperating faculty from other programs

Monica BerlinMonica Berlin
Associate Professor of English
M.F.A., Vermont College, 2002
"I've found myself fascinated by edges-the edges of everything-particularly the threshold of language or that moment where utterance edges toward something new, something different."

Cyn KitchenCyn Kitchen
Assistant Professor of English
M.F.A., Spalding University, 2005
"I love stories-mining for them, discovering the characters who abide in them, sifting through the grit and uncovering bits of shiny things hidden there. In my short story collection, /The Right to Remain Silent, /I explore the inherent darkness of human nature and its equal capacity for light."

Natania RosenfeldNatania Rosenfeld
Associate Professor of English
Ph.D., Princeton University, 1992
"Some current projects of mine include: A collection of memoir essays in which a vision is formed through errancy and movement. The book is autobiographical in exploring the formation of my own mind through travel, books, art and, especially, the clash and combination of several languages."

Chad SimpsonChad Simpson
Visiting Assistant Professor of English
M.F.A., Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, 2005

Emeritus Faculty

David Amor
Instructor Emeritus of Journalism and Anthropology and Sociology

Robert Seibert
Robert W. Murphy Professor Emeritus of Political Science

Marilyn Webb
Distinguished Professor Emerita of Journalism

Students with flags at International Fair.
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