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International Relations


Duane Oldfield

Associate Professor and Chair of Political Science, Chair of International Relations, director of Social Service program

2 East South Street

Galesburg, IL 61401-4999



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International Relations

Major, Minor

Governments worldwide are being challenged by new and powerful forces -- global terror networks; systems of power and influence that transcend the nation-state; news and opinions disseminated via the Internet faster than governments can appreciate, assimilate, or control. The faculty at Knox present intelligent and diverse perspectives on international relations that encourage students to reach their own conclusions regarding questions of diplomacy, power politics, international law and ethics, transnational forces, military strategy, feminism, behavioralism, and ideal models of international political and economic development.

International Relations majors gain global civic education in the sense of exploring what our government and global communities are and "ought to be;" analyzing problems in the many sub-fields and areas represented in the department; improving reasoning, writing, and statistical skills; and focusing on race, gender, class, religion, and third world issues in most of the courses offered in the department.

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Students display their countries flags at the annual International Fair in Ford Center for the Fine Arts.

The Program

International Relations begins with courses in international relations, comparative governments, globalization, methods of political analysis, and political theory. Advanced electives focus on America foreign policy and foreign political systems, including Europe, Latin America, Middle East, and South and Southeast Asia. Language courses through the intermediate level and overseas study are strongly recommended for the International Relations major.

Students may minor in International Relations or Comparative Politics. Students often undertake national and international internships, independent studies in an area of particular student interest, Honors Projects, and a host of experiential learning opportunities related to International Relations.


The International Relations program is housed with the Political Science Department in George Davis Hall, which includes the Dorothy Johnson '39 and Richard Burkhardt '39 Language Center which is beneficial to International Relations majors.

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