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Alumni in History

As a history graduate, you'll be well prepared for a wide range of postgraduate endeavors. Some graduates have studied in doctoral programs at Harvard University, the University of Chicago, the University of Illinois, University of Notre Dame and the University of Michigan. Among Knox alumni who majored in history are the following:

Approximately 30% of history majors in the last fifty years have gone on to careers in business, with many taking leadership positions in companies or starting their own. Some alumni go directly into business, while others pursue an MBA or master's degree, either right after graduation from Knox or after a few years experience in the business world.

"This is what the Knox history faculty taught me: to appreciate and apply sound research methods and the unequaled value of primary information sources. I have won more than a few corporate victories because I've simply been more adept when it came to basic research."
-Capital Fund-Raising Executive, Blessing Hospital, Quincy, Illinois. Richard Smith '67.

Other alumni in Business include:

Founding Partner, Centerview Partners, Rye, New York. James M. Kilts '70.Founding Partner, Centerview Partners, Rye, New York. James M. Kilts '70. Former President and CEO of Gillette Corporation. (Photo right)

Vice President, Busey Bank, Urbana, Illinois. Susan Abbott '80.

Financial Analyst, First Commonwealth Bank, Chicago, Illinois. Jeffrey Kolesar '89.

Director of Human Resources, King's Food Service Corporation, Houston, Texas. Jarlyn Posada Morales '98.

Benefits Analyst, New Hanover Regional Medical, Wilmington, North Carolina. Amy Tropp '98.

Manager, Wells Fargo Services, Tempe, Arizona. Kandra Ellis '04.

President,Liquid Memory LLC, Watertown, South Dakota. Nathan Fleming '04.

President and CEO,Amtech, Inc., West Des Moines, Iowa. Alan Griffith '73.

About 25% of Knox history majors enter the field of education, with about two-thirds of these teaching at the primary or secondary levels, and about one-third at the college or university level. Those interested in teaching in primary or secondary schools often prepare for teaching certification as part of their undergraduate program, and then go directly into teaching (after passing the required state exams). Others complete a certification program after attaining their degree at Knox, or pursue a master's in education, which gives further preparation and is necessary for those interested in educational administration. Another possibility is a master of arts in teaching, which combines master's-level work in history with teaching certification. For those who wish to pursue college-level teaching, a Ph.D. program is the required path, usually entailing 4-8 years of study and research. Students planning on pursuing history in graduate school should take advantage of the non-credit GRE preparation course offered at Knox each year.

"I know and teach that history is not just minutia to be memorized and regurgitated. It is the deep well of human experience from which we draw the very meaning of our existence. Knox historians helped me realize that, and I've been professing it gladly ever since."
-Professor of History, Morgan State University, Baltimore Maryland. Jo Ann Ooiman Robinson '64.

Other alumni in Education include:

Superintendent of Schools, Stillman Valley, Illinois. Robert Prusator '83.

Associate Professor of History, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Nevada. Paul Werth '90.

Teacher/Jr. High Basketball Coach, King School, Galesburg, Illinois. Theodore Trueblood '99.

Latin Teacher, Marion Catholic High School, Chicago Heights, Illinois. Christopher Mural '00.

Elementary School Teacher, Life Crossings Academy, Bloomington, Illinois. Lyndsey Ayers Carney '05.

Stanfield Professor of History, Williams College, Williamstown, Massachusetts. Russell Bostert '41.

Associate Director, University of Texas Center for American History, Austin, Texas. Katherine Adams '67.

Professor of English,University of Franche-Comté, Besançon, France. Jeremy Gladstone '69.

Secondary American/World History Teacher,Addison Trail High School, St. Charles, Illinois. Rebecca Remus '03.

Graduate Student,University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan. Leslie Knoblauch '01.

Medical Student,John Hopkins School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland. Derek Papp '01.

Graduate Student in Theology, Southern Methodist University. Gillian Chisom, '07.

Graduate Student,Ph.D. in American Studies, University of Illinois-Chicago, Chicago, Illinois. Allison O'Mahen Malcom '03.

Dean of International Programs,Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana. Alexander Rabinowitch '56.

Executive Vice President and General Counsel, Chicago IPA, Inc. Tayebe Shah-Mirany '85.

About one-sixth of history majors go into the field of law, working in a variety of arenas, including politics. Completion of the J.D. degree (after three years of law school) is required for the practice of law. Anyone interested in law is encouraged to talk with Knox's pre-law advisor about law school and the field in general. The pre-law advisor also offers a non-credit prep course for the LSAT exam.

"Law school is all about three things: reading, writing, and analytical reasoning. The education I received at Knox, namely in the History Department, more than prepared me for the rigors of law school. Those same skills are critical to my success here at Kutak as a lawyer specializing in commercial and asset finance. I am often required to integrate numerous divergent views and interests into transactions ranging from million dollar equipment loans to billion dollar military privatization projects. My history classes at Knox taught me how to examine issues from a variety of perspectives, sometimes realizing that there is no wrong answer (or right answer, in some cases) to certain issues depending on one's point of view."
-Partner, Kutak Rock, Omaha, Nebraska. Sean Gillen '94.

Other alumni in Law include:

Professor of Law, John Marshall Law School, Chicago, Illinois. John Gorby '61.

State Senator, Ohio Senate, Columbus, Ohio. Eugene Watts '64.

Partner, Kropik, Papuga, & Shaw, Chicago, Illinois. Kenneth Shaw '73.

Attorney, United States Air Force. Amy McDonough '81.

Judge Advocate General, United States Army. Ronda Sutton '83.

Attorney, Hallberg, Jacobsen, Johnson, and Viner P.L.C., Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Thomas Viner '02.

Legislative Attorney, Congressional Research Service, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. David Ackerman '64.

Attorney, City of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois. Kory Atkinson '00.

Assistant U.S. Attorney,Department of Justice, Loveland, Colorado. Bernard Hobson '74.

Attorney,United States Department of Defense, Geneseo, Illinois. Thomas Jackson '77.

Dunn Fellow, Illinois Governor's Office, Springfield, Illinois. Stephen Moore '05.

Professor of Law, John Marshall Law School, Chicago, Illinois. John Corby '61.

Law Student, University of Richmond Law School, Richmond, Virginia. John Campbell '07. American Politics minor.

Law Student,Pepperdine Law School, Woodland Hills, California. Shirlene Love '04.

Law Student,DePaul University, Chicago, Illinois. Jacob Marcet '07.

Museums/Archives/Public History
If you love working with historical documents and artifacts, but don't envision yourself as a classroom teacher, you might consider a career as an archivist, museum curator, public historian, or librarian. Many Knox alumni have preceded you in this path.

"I did not walk out the door of Old Main in 1986 with soon-to-be obsolete job skills, but with the understanding of history, historiography, and analysis that I needed to perform my job as a curator."
-Curator, Illinois Historic Preservation Agency, Springfield, Illinois. Linda Norbut Suits '86.

Other alumni in Museums/Archives/Public History include:

Church Historian, Church of the Three Crosses, Chicago, Illinois. Erik Ernst '75.

Collections Manager, Lakeview Museum, Peoria, Illinois. Katherine Molumby '93.

Children's Librarian, Oak Park Public Library, Oak Park, Illinois. Rory Parilac '01.

Member Services Coordinator, American Quilt Study Group, Ashland, Nebraska. Emily Dust Nimsakont '01.

Curator of Collections, Reno County Historical Society, Hutchinson, Kansas. Marcella Widget '04.

Librarian,Chicago, Public Library, Chicago, Illinois. Amber Proksa '94.

Curator, Lincoln Home National Historic Site, Loami, Illinois. Linda
Norbut Suits '86.

Fiction Writer/Librarian,Lewis University, Plainfield, Illinois. Keven Esser '75.

Librarian, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. James Bowman '48.

Psychiatry/Engineering/Film/Politics/other options
Knox history majors have gone into these and many other fields. The possibilities are abundant! We wish for you that your love of history combined with the training we have provided will prepare you for a path in which your particular skills and interests will lead to a fruitful and satisfying life.

"My major in history was crucial for developing the analytical skills I use every day to understand ongoing geo-political events, all of which have deep historical roots. Having this historical background helps me examine each current phenomenon, research its causes, and then, based on historical example, explain its importance and its likely results."
-Homeland SecurityAnalyst, United States Department of Agriculture, Arlington, Virginia. Derk Lion '00.

Other alumni in fields not directly connected to history include:

Deputy Assistant Secretary,Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs, United States Department of State. Charles Kartman '70.

Assistant Attorney General,Illinois Attorney General Office, Chicago, Illinois. Christopher Perzan '88.

Urban Planner, Jefferson County, Golden, Colorado. William Roberts '70.

Priest, Saint Lawrence Catholic Church/Newman Center, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Fr. Michael Martin '72.

Sportscaster, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. John Pfeiffenberger '80.

Vice President for Public Action, Illinois Planned Parenthood Council, Springfield, Illinois. Brigid Leahy '89. History and Women Studies major.

Sales Associate,Career Chicago, Illinois. Nicole Jawerth '07.

Aerobics Instructor, Lombard, Illinois. Christine Cornell '84.

Biochemist,Sigma Aldrich, St. Louis, Missouri. Brett Zinter '05. History and Biochemistry Major.

Foreign Service Officer, U.S. State Department, Arlington, Texas. Charles Chandler '97.

Fashion Designer, Mill Valley, California. Anne Phelan Boyle '87.

Medical Social Worker, St. Joseph Hospital, Kirkwood, Missouri. Kathleen Hansen Bryson '91.

Endodontist, Private Practice, New York City, New York. Susan Han '96.

Park Ranger, National Park Service, Walla Walla, Washington. Richard Laughlin '96.

Summer Program Planner,AmeriCorps, Vista, California. Talia French '07.

Gallery Director, Alan Robandt and Company, Chicago, Illinois. Daniel Polley '97.

Software Engineer, VIFI-Virtual Financial Services, Indianapolis, Indiana. Rachel Erekson McKinney '98.

Military Analyst, Department of Defense. Thomas Goering '00.

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