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Life in Flensburg

Life in Flensburg, Germany

Flensburg is an idyllic northern German town located on the North Sea.

The town features beautiful traditional German architecture, a local brewery, a world-class theater and arts scene, and a cobblestone shopping district full of boutiques, restaurants, and cafés. Its location on the North Sea allows you to enjoy the beach after classes or even join the University of Flensburg’s sailing club. During colder months, students head to the cafés, the traditional Christmas market, or their friends’ houses and apartments.

Just a short train ride from Hamburg and Berlin -- the “new center of cool in Germany” according to Professor and Program Coordinator Todd Heidt -- Flensburg’s location also makes it easy to travel to Denmark, Copenhagen, and the rest of Scandinavia. Students often schedule classes Monday through Thursday so they have more time to study and explore on weekends.

As for life at the university, you'll be given a unique and immersive cultural and academic experience. Outside the classroom, all residences are single-room dorms with full access to the university's gym, including classes in everything from Akido and yoga to fencing and Tango. 

"When I was at Flensburg, I was lucky enough to live with a member of the sailing club. I was able to go out onto the fjord with the sailing club on the weekends and during the week. I would urge any student interested in going to Flensburg to join as many clubs and activities as possible. It is a great way to make lasting friends."

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