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Cost, Financial Aid, and How to Apply


Todd Heidt

Associate Professor in Modern Languages-German

2 East South Street

Galesburg, IL 61401-4999



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Costs, Expenses, and Potential Perks

Knox tuition -- You'll pay Knox tuition to study study at the University of Flensburg. You may use your financial aid toward the cost.

Scholarships for room and board -- Scholarships to pay for room and board are available on a competitive basis. Please speak to Professor Todd Heidt , program coordinator, for details and information. Details of these scholarships will be included in your acceptance letter. In the past, the scholarship money provided has been enough to pay for a dorm room and monthly expenses, such as groceries.

Airfaire -- Up to four students per year will have their flight to and from Flensburg paid by the Stellyes Center for Global Studies. That’s right, we may even pay for your plane ticket!

Additional expenses -- Other costs may include a cell phone (not required, but many students purchase a cell phone while abroad), groceries, items for your dorm room, and “fun money” for shopping, coffee, etc.

Financial Aid

In addition to any current financial aid you receive, you may also apply for the Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship. This federally-funded program is sponsored by the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and open to students receiving Federal Pell Grants.

Research or Internship Funding

By submitting a proposal for a research project or internship, you may apply for the Eleanor W. Stellyes Fellowship Fund for International Studies, which allows you to continue your studies in Flensburg for one month beyond the regular length of the program. The award is designed to help you to pay for room and board while you carry out your research or conduct your internship. Contact the Stellyes Center for Global Studies for details.

How to Apply:

Please complete two forms:

Eligibility guidelines:

  • Knox sophomore, junior, or senior
  • two years of college German or equivalent (English language options are possible -- talk with Todd Heidt)
  • good academic standing
  • two letters of recommendation from Knox faculty
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