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Alumni in German

Streets of Flensburg, GermanyAs a German major or minor at Knox, you'll be well prepared for a wide range of endeavors. Our alumni successes include:

  • General Associate, National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism Anna Meier '13.

  • Fulbright Recipient, Taught English in Germany.
    Erin McKinstry '12.

  • Fulbright Recipient, Taught English in Germany. Julia Sievert '12.

  • Graduate Student, Indiana University-Bloomington Department of Germanic Studies. Brittany Amendolia '11.

  • Graduate Student, American University Ethics, Peace and Global Affairs Program. Ariana Tuckey '11.

  • Fulbright Recipient, Taught English in Austria. Tasha Coryell '10.

  • German Teacher, Elgin, Illinois. Jennifer Hahn '97.

  • English Teacher, JET Program, Furukawa, Japan. Cara Jacoby '97.

  • Trilingual Assistant, Zuendholz Mayle Frieburg, Denzlingen, Germany. Ohman Hellinger '94.

  • Software Quality Engineer, Loudeye Technologies, Seattle, Washington. Matt Goos '92.

  • German Teacher, Kirkwood High School, Kirkwood, Missouri. Teri Jo Eckberg Jacob '90.
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