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Magali Roy-Féquière

Associate Professor and Chair of Gender and Women's Studies

2 East South Street

Galesburg, IL 61401-4999



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Meet the Gender and Women's Studies Faculty

The Gender and Women's Studies Program draws upon Knox faculty expertise in several areas -- history, language, literature, Black studies, political science, sociology, anthropology, philosophy, classics, theatre, and art. Their academic fields are listed below, with additional information and e-mail contacts on each person's linked profile page.

Magali Roy-Fequiere Magali Roy-Féquière, Chair
Associate Professor of Gender and Women's Studies
Ph.D., Stanford University, 1993
"My book reviews selected texts of the Generacion del Treinta suggesting that cultural institutions, publications, and literary works provided the means through which class, racial, and gender alliances were played out in the context of U.S. political and economic hegemony over the island."

Elizabeth Carlin Metz Elizabeth Carlin-Metz
Smith V. Brand Endowed Chair in Theatre Arts
M.F.A., Temple University, 1983
"I seek to integrate physical theatre techniques with more traditional Western theatre practices so as to discover new levels of expressiveness and meaning in theatre of all styles and genres and, thus, in the world."

Catherine DenialCatherine Denial
Burkhardt Distinguished Chair in History
Ph.D., University of Iowa, 2005
"My most recent research is on early nineteenth century Minnesota and the rules and responsibilities associated with gender identity in different communities in the years before the Civil War."

Nancy Eberhardt Nancy Eberhardt
Professor of Anthropology and Sociology
Ph.D., University of Illinois, 1984
"My most recent work has been on developing an account of Southeast Asian ethnopsychologies or folk theories about the nature of human psychological functioning, a project I would also like to continue in the United States."

Brenda Fineberg Brenda Fineberg
Professor of Classics
Ph.D., University of Chicago, 1991
"Just as a question asked in the classroom often contributes a nuanced perspective to my research, I find that my research continually energizes what happens in the classroom."

Heather Hoffmann Heather Hoffmann
Professor of Psychology
Ph.D., State University of New York-Binghamton, 1989
"I am interested in the origins of patterns of sexual attraction and sexual arousal, in other words what turns people on and why. I also have an animal lab that is set up to look at the neurochemical correlates of behavior."

Frederick Hord Frederick Hord
Professor of Black Studies
Ph.D., Union Graduate School, 1987
"My most immediate projects are in the areas of Black Studies theory, African American literary criticism, Black psychology traditions, and the status of Blacks in Latin America."

Karen Kampwirth Karen Kampwirth
Professor of Political Science
On-Site Co-Director, Buenos Aires program
Ph.D., University of California-Berkeley, 1993
"Throughout my career, I have been interested in people's attempts to radically transform their societies, why those attempts sometimes succeed, and what impact participating in such movements has on the participants."

Lori Haslem Lori Schroeder
Professor of English
Ph.D., University of Denver, 1990
"I have recently been exploring pamphlet accounts of victimized early modern English children and popular accounts of children witnessing major crimes in an effort to think through how certain Shakespeare plays could be historicized to better understand the role of the infants and children in them."

Lynette Lombard Lynette Lombard
Associate Professor of Art
M.F.A., Yale University, 1989
"What compels me is how light, form, colour, and composition are informed by the feeling of walking a terrain, working in all kinds of weather and fusing several moments of time into one painting."

Robin Ragan Robin Ragan
Assistant Professor of Modern Languages-Spanish
Ph.D., University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, 2001
"I am particularly intrigued with the way 19th century medical discourse portrays illness as a natural state in women."

Natania RosenfeldNatania Rosenfeld
Associate Professor of English
Ph.D., Princeton University, 1992
"Some current projects of mine include: a manuscript of poems dealing with childhood and family history; migration and travel among history-laden places in the world; my relationship to texts and memory as a woman and a Jew; the strangeness of the animal and human worlds."

William Young William Young
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Ph.D., University of Notre Dame, 1992

Kelly ShawKelly Shaw
Instructor of Psychology and Gender and Women's Studies
Ph.D. candidate, Purdue University

Emeritus Faculty

Penny Gold
Burkhardt Distinguished Chair Emerita in History

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