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Alumni in Gender and Women's Studies

Graduates who have majored or minored in gender and women’s studies have pursued a variety of careers:

Attorney, Kurtz Law Offices, specializing in gender discrimination and sexual harassment cases, Chicago, Illinois. Dana Kurtz ’93.

Litigation Attorney and Mediator, Donohue Brown Mathewson & Smyh, Chicago, Illinois. Laurie Rompala ’94.

Master of Arts in Womens Studies, Ohio State University. Sheet metal apprentice, Columbus, Ohio. Tonya Laubach ’89.

Director of Legislation, Illinois Planned Parenthood Council, Springfield Illinois. Brigid Leahy, ’89.

Community and Family Development Specialist, Illinois Coalition for Community Services, Monmouth, Illinois. Cheryl Lefler ’93.

Legislative Analyst, Illinois State Senate, Springfield, Illinois. Debra Beck Lounsberry ’92.

Legal Coordinator, Northwest Action Against Rape, Arlington Heights, Illinois. Brenn Baker ’93.

Montessori Teacher, Lake Oswego, Oregon. Alicia Stephens ’97.

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