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Meet the First-Year Preceptorial Faculty

The members of the Knox faculty bring a wide variety of training and experience. Their research and performance interests are listed below, with additional information and e-mail contacts on each person's linked profile page.

Jennifer TempletonJennifer Templeton, Program Director
Associate Professor of Biology
Ph.D., Concordia University, 1993
"The focus of my studies is on learning, memory, and foraging behavior, and involves experimental work in the field and lab."
Elizabeth Carlin MetzElizabeth Carlin Metz
Smith V. Brand Endowed Chair in Theatre Arts
"As a stage director in both the profession and academia, I am most stimulated and delighted by theatre that is visceral, provocative, and challenging."
Andrew CivettiniAndrew Civettini
Associate Professor of Political Science
"I am broadly interested in the psychology of political behavior, both of the masses and elites."
Weihong DuWeihong Du 
Assistant Professor of Asian Studies
Ph.D., Chinese, University of Minnesota, 2009
"Currently I am researching cross-cultural interactions between China and the West during the 1930s."
Tim FosterTim Foster
Associate Professor of Modern Languages-Spanish
Ph.D., Columbia University, 1994
"Questions of the power to speak, on a variety of levels, greatly interest me."
Fernando GomezFernando Gomez
Associate Professor of Modern Languages-Spanish
"In my research I enjoy investigating the diverse ways authors have depicted the human experience over the centuries."
Kevin HastingsKevin Hastings
Professor of Mathematics
"My mathematical interests focus on applications to real world problems that are affected by random inputs or disturbances."
Nathalie C. Haurberg
Visiting Instructor of Physics
Cyn KitchenCyn Kitchen
Assistant Professor of English
"I'm writing a memoir which has me thinking about the stories that our lives write."
Paul MarasaPaul Marasa
Writing Coordinator, TRIO Achievement Program
M.A., Indiana University, 1984
"I work with students in all disciplines and at all levels in their writing at Knox."
Sarah MoschenrossSarah Moschenross
Director, McNair Program
M.A., University of Iowa, 2005.
Thomas MosesThomas Moses
Professor of Physics
Ph.D., University of California-Berkeley, 1993
"With the help of Knox students, I am using a variety of techniques-evanescent-wave ellipsometry, magnetic and electric field-induced birefringence, and light scattering-to probe the molecular ordering near surfaces and fluctuations in bulk samples."
Jason NethercutJason Nethercut
Visiting Assistant Professor of Classics
"My main interest is in the intersections among poetry, philosophy, and material culture."

Duane OldfieldDuane Oldfield 
Associate Professor of Political Science
Ph.D., University of California-Berkeley, 1992
"I am currently working on a book [which] analyzes the ways in which social movements of the Left and the Right make sense of, politicize, and form alliances to deal with the processes frequently labeled with the term 'globalization.'"
Brandon PoliteBrandon Polite
Visiting Instructor of Philosophy
Ph.D. candidate, University of Illinois-Urbana
Jonathan PowersJonathan Powers
Assistant Professor of Economics
Ph.D., Northwestern University, 2002

Gabrielle RaleyGabrielle Raley
Assistant Professor of Anthropology-Sociology
"Overall, I am interested in connecting the big stuff of social life-markets, power, price, beauty, and love-with the smallest moments of everyday meaning-making and interpretation."
Kelly Shaw
Instructor in Psychology and Gender and Women's Studies
Ph.D. candidate, Purdue University
Jaime SpaccoJaime Spacco
Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Ph.D., University of Maryland, 2006
"I am interested in collecting and analyzing data to better understand how people build good software, from the process and techniques used to build large systems down to the short but often intense experiences novices have while learning to program."
Daniel WackDaniel Wack
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Jon WagnerJon Wagner
Professor of Anthropology
"I've always been an incorrigible generalist with a strong interest in how the various fields of knowledge relate to one another and to the big questions of human existence."

Kelton WilliamsKelton Williams
Assistant Professor of Educational Studies
"My research interests generally examine our historical interpretations of the role of education and public schools in American society."

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