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First-Year Preceptorial

Knox's First-Year Preceptorial Program is an intellectual discovery process. By exploring the language, culture, and meaning of liberal arts -- including ideas such as independent thinking, diverse perspectives, and academic honesty -- Preceptorial enables you to get the most out of your Knox education.

In keeping with the College's spirit of intellectual curiosity, First-Year Preceptorial introduces liberal learning through a refreshing choice of ever-evolving topics, such as "Cinematic Visions," "The Challenge of Sustainability," "Creating Monsters," "The American Dream," "Heroism," "Love," and "Human Rights."

Preceptorial explores the classic, existential questions in a broad, engaging, real-world context that transcends disciplinary boundaries. Issues are examined through reading, writing, critical analysis and, most importantly, class discussion. As a true interdisciplinary program, Preceptorial is taught by professors from nearly all academic programs.

Academic Honesty & the Intellectual Community

During the First-Year Preceptorial Program, you learn what it means to be part of an intellectual community that practices academic honesty. Veritas (or truth) -- the College's motto -- is the foundation for life and learning at Knox as embodied by academic honesty, as well as the Honor Code. Academic honesty is the broader sense of intellectual truthfulness -- carefully considering all sides of an issue, giving credit where credit is due, and being an active participant in scholarly discussion.

Preceptorial teaches you how to objectively analyze and discuss competing explanations and contradictory beliefs, how to question or affirm a viewpoint, when to be persuaded by a new idea, and how to interact in good faith with those whose opinions differ from their own. In short, Preceptorial encourages you to initiate and sustain an honest dialog with professors, fellow students -- and themselves.

Liberal Learning for Life

The goal of the Knox liberal arts education is to develop fully the higher capacities of mind and spirit -- including thoughtful inquiry, clear communication, and impartial judgment -- that enable students to act confidently, make effective decisions about critical issues, and contribute to the community around them.

First-Year Preceptorial introduces you to the liberal learning skills of intellectual synthesis, flexibility, and resourcefulness -- skills necessary for creative thinking, problem-solving, and responsible choice. By laying the foundation for the requirements of liberal arts, the Preceptorial Program prepares you for the rest of your Knox education -- and for life.

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