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Meet the Education Faculty

Diana Beck Diana Beck, Chair
Professor of Educational Studies
Ph.D., University of Illinois, 1997
"I am continuing to work on how children learn science-the cognitive processes of science learning. Most recently, I have begun to look at how Navajo children learn science."
Stephen SchrothStephen Schroth
Associate Professor of Educational Studies
Ph.D., University of Virginia, 2007
"My research focuses on the development of talent in groups not conventionally viewed as gifted as well as instructional strategies that promote student creativity and problem solving skills."
J. Kelton WilliamsKelton Williams
Assistant Professor of Educational Studies
Ph.D., Texas A&M, 2011
"The nature of how we teach the next generation about citizenship is a reflection of the collective values we hope to preserve and of the role that schools play in society."
Barry SwansonBarry Swanson
Visiting Assistant Professor of Educational Studies
Ed.D., University of Illinois-Champaign, 2001

Kelly Kane
Lecturer in Educational Studies
M.S., Western Illinois University, 1979

Joel Estes Joel Estes
Lecturer in Educational Studies and Coordinator of Clinical Experiences and Community Outreach
Ed.D. candidate, Illinois State University
"I am particularly interested in schooling that emphasizes the learner versus bureaucratic standardization that emphasizes the banking model of education."
John Hughes
Patricia Kane
Kathlyn Smith
Diane Estes
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