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Mary Crawford

Professor and Chair of Chemistry

2 East South Street

Galesburg, IL 61401-4999



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Meet the Chemistry Faculty

Mary Crawford Mary Crawford, Chair
Professor of Chemistry
Ph.D., Purdue University, 1999
"My laboratory uses kinetic, mechanistic, and computational approaches to determine the products formed and the rate constants of reactions of the hydroxyl radical and the chlorine atom with various anthropogenic substances."

Diana Cermak Diana Cermak
Professor of Chemistry
Ph.D., University of Iowa, 1997
"My research students and I are working specifically on the synthesis of organic molecules that contain phosphorus, an element that plays an active role in many biochemical transformations."

Andrew Mehl Andrew Mehl
Professor of Chemistry
Ph.D., University of Maryland, 1990
"My laboratory is interested in studying the structure of proteins-more specifically, how the structure of a protein is related to its function, its stability, and how it folds into its final 3-D shape."

Lawrence Welch Lawrence Welch
Clara A. Abbott Distinguished Professor of Chemistry
Ph.D., Iowa State University, 1988
"My students and I have done a wide variety of experiments over the years, starting with electrochemistry and chromatography, but now moving more toward spectroscopy."

Thomas Clayton Thomas Clayton 
Professor of Chemistry
Ph.D., Ohio State University, 1989

Helen HoytHelen Hoyt
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Ph.D., University of California, 2007
"My research laboratory focuses on the design of environmentally benign catalysts to address important challenges in synthetic organic chemistry and materials science."

Cooperating faculty from other programs

Janet KirkleyJanet Kirkley
Professor of Biochemistry
Ph.D., George Washington University, 1992
"My research program is devoted to investigating factors that control the size and character of the immune response."


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