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Real-world experiences. Internships provide an open door for you to apply what you've learned in the classroom. Explore potential career paths, get a glimpse of life as a graduate student, build your resume, network with experts in your field of interest, and gain confidence while developing your professional skills.

Knox students have interned at locales around the world -- from Nepal to California to right here in Galesburg. They're preparing for their future by collaborating with United Nations staff, developing code at Microsoft, reviewing artists' material for FILTER Magazine, working in media relations at FleishmanHillard, and much more.

Recent Internships: What Students Say

Prajwal Man Tuladhar
Prajwal Man Tuladhar '14

United Nations Development Programme  l  Nepal

"The friendly and professional environment at the office and working under the deputy national project manager has been an amazing experience. But I guess what's more exciting is the fact that I am going to be a part of the economic and political development of Nepal." 
Jessica Robinson
Jessica Robinson '16
Yosemite National Park  l  Yosemite Village, California

"Professor Stuart Allison, my advisor, forwarded me an e-mail about this specific National Science Foundation (NSF) program. The idea of being able to live in a national park and really immerse myself was incredibly appealing."
Philip Bennett
Bennett '14

Sustainable Business Center  l  Galesburg, Illinois

"The best part of this internship has been seeing Galesburg through yet another lens. Seeing our city in this light has been beneficial to the way I experience it outside of this office setting and the classroom."
Dylan Gibson
Dylan Gibson '15
We Act Radio  l  Washington, D.C.

"It was extremely useful to have studied the way that politics and journalism interact, which has helped me to develop a better understanding of what makes for interesting content."
Esther Farler-Westphal
Esther Farler-Westphal '14
Loyal Joe  l  Naperville, Illinois

"Being so involved in a company will help me narrow down what aspect of marketing I want to apply for jobs in and will give me many experiences to draw upon in my future career."
Matthew Lichty '15
Matthew Lichty '15
Chicago Botanic Garden  l  Chicago, Illinois

"I am researching the evolutionary history of a species of neotropical legume tree, Cynometra Bauhiniifolia, and have been gathering data on the species from other botanic gardens and museums to create ecological niche models."
Phongkiet Sisaikeo '15
Phongkiet Sisaikeo '15
Mahindra & Mahindra Limited  l  Mumbai, India

"I have been working with a lot of intelligent automobile engineers and technicians, and they have taught me things that cannot be found in a regular textbook. Being a part of Mahindra -- even for a short period of time -- has greatly enhanced my work ethic."
Srichandra Masabathula '16
Srichandra Masabathula '16

Bharat Immunological and Biological Corporation  l  Bulandshahr, India

"My internship will help further my understanding of how business models can be sustainable even while addressing issues such as public health."
Sharon Chen '14
Sharon Chen '14

FleishmanHillard  l  Beijing, China

"Being able to work in one of the biggest public relations and communications firms is a great opportunity for me to get to know the industry and get hands-on experiences."
Paige Anderson '14
Paige Anderson '14

Amazon  l  Seattle, Washington

"It's one thing to study computer science in a classroom, but it has been really helpful to see a little more of what it is like to be a software engineer in a large tech company."
Brian Tanaka '15
Brian Tanaka '15
State Farm  l  Bloomington, Illinois

"The amount of real world information I've gained in regards to business has been incredible to my professional development."
Sophie Utpadel
Sophie Utpadel '16
Phoenix Theater  l  Phoenix, Arizona

"Working at Phoenix Theatre affirmed two central things for me: the first is that I definitely want to be a theatre educator, and the second is a firm belief in the importance and power of the arts and the need to ensure that arts education is available to all."
Matt Timmerberg '15
Matt Timmerberg '15

Foundation Reintegra  l  Mexico City, Mexico

"I was looking for an experience outside of the U.S. that would give me the best opportunity to grow, and this organization provided the right opportunity."
Kate Mishkin
Kate Mishkin '16
FILTER Magazine  l  Hollywood, California

"By writing for the college newspaper, I've learned very technical lessons like writing ledes and headlines, but also how to work in a professional environment and find my voice as a writer."
Joey Knutson
Joey Knutson '14

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory  l  Richland, Washinton

"The project I am working on has given me the chance to utilize a lot of what I have learned in a new setting and on a larger scale."
Ritu Gyawali
Ritu Gyawali '15

OSF St. Mary Medical Center  l  Galesburg, Illinois

"Working for the administrative department at OSF St. Mary Medical Center has allowed me to better understand the entirety of the health field."
Laura Pochodylo
Laura Pochodylo '14
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum  l  Cleveland, Ohio

"It is obviously a dream come true to be able to work at the mecca for rock history and have the opportunity to study and research a topic I've always been interested in within that field."
Colin Coutts
Colin Coutts '14

Artist Erik Schmidt  l  Berlin, Germany

"I was able to get unmediated access into what it takes to be a working artist in Berlin and to develop a presence internationally in the art markets."
Emma Steiner
Emma Steiner '16
Child Advocates, Inc.  l  Houston, Texas

"I plan to work in marketing, specifically in the non-profit sector, so this experience was incredibly valuable with regards to both career skills and networking with people in this line of work."
Chelsea Embree '14
Chelsea Embree '14
The St. Louis Beacon  l  St. Louis, Missouri

"Because of this internship, I can say that I'm more confident about finding a job after graduation, and, more importantly, finding a job that I want."
Karyn Kraska
Karyn Kraska '14
Maryville Academy  l  Des Plaines, Illinois

"This internship has helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses when working in clinical psychology and with people."
Michael Belitz
Michael Belitz '14
Sitka Conservation Society  l  Sitka, Alaska

"Working with the watershed program manager of a well-established conservation society is very beneficial to my education, future career plans, and personal development."
Allie Fry
Allie Fry '15
CODEPINK: Women for Peace  l  Washington, D.C.

"I had many unforgettable experiences with CODEPINK. Two events stand out in my memory: a protest to close Guantanamo in front of the White House and attending Chelsea Manning's trial."
Alyssa Kennamer
Alyssa Kennamer '14
Ida-Nowhere  l  Berlin, Germany

"My six weeks in Berlin were a good marker for the points at where art and the everyday life meet."
JinJie Song
JinJie Song '15
Global Education  l  Nanjing, China

"The best part of my job was teaching students who also want to study abroad. I'm so glad I was a part of their journey and could see how far they came since day one."
Lauren Harris
Lauren Harris '14
Microsoft  l  Redmond, Washington

"One of the most rewarding aspects of my internship was being expected to perform at the level of a new hire. I was treated as though I were an employee, rather than 'just' an intern."
Sophie Zhou
Sophie Zhou '14
Ogilvy & Mather  l  Shanghai, China

"Having some background knowledge in graphic design really helped me quickly adapt to the atmosphere of an advertising agency."
Emily Ioppolo
Emily Ioppolo '15

Theater on the Lake  l  Chicago, Illinois

"Literally every skill that I needed to do my job I gained by working directly in the Theatre Department."
Rachael Morrissey '16
Rachael Morrissey '16
Prairie State Legal Services  l  Peoria, Illinois

"When I wasn't at court or sitting in on client meetings, I would do legal research for a particular topic assigned to me by the attorney, or work on assigned Social Security disability cases."
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