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Scott W. Sunderland

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Sports Studies; Assistant Athletic Director; Head Athletic Trainer

Scott Sunderland

Years at Knox: 1993 to present

M.S., 1991, Illinois State University.
B.S., 1990, Illinois State University.

Teaching Interests
Athletic training

What Students Say
"Scott Sunderland is passionate about what he teaches. Not only does he teach the Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries class, but he also goes out of his way to offer independent studies in his field for students who have an interest in similar fields. While working with him in classes and as an employee as a student athletic trainer, it truly shows how much he loves his job and how much he cares about the students. He goes above and beyond to make sure each student is cared for in every aspect possible."
-Amber Eisha, Sociology Major and Kinesiology Minor

"I enjoyed Professor Sunderland in class for several reasons. First and foremost, Scott is one of the best Athletic Trainers in the Midwest, and he brings his outstanding experience to the classroom everyday. Scott takes a practical and straightforward approach to his teaching that clearly reflects the fact that he works in his subject matter for a living. In the classroom, Professor Sunderland's well organized lectures are supported with detailed slides that hugely contribute to the subject matter. Outside of the classroom Scott gives students the excellent opportunity to explore the inner workings of Knox's athletic training room, providing real-world context for the material covered in class. I highly enjoyed Professor Sunderland as an educator primarily because how much working knowledge he gives in, and out of the classroom."
-Forrest Rackham, Environmental Studies Major and History and Earth Science Minor

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