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Schahrazede Longou

Assistant Professor of Modern Languages and Literatures (French)

Schahrazede Longou

General Interests
"My thesis focuses on three women writers (Maïssa Bey, Malika Mokeddem, and Leïla Marouane). My dissertation studies fictional narratives by women who have emerged in the Algerian context of the 1980s and 1990s and who struggle against the violence and patriarchy inherent in traditional Algerian society. I analyze the thematic, stylistic, and rhetorical strategies in three novels: N'zid, Surtout ne te retourne pas and La Jeune fille et la mère. Through close readings of the texts, I focus on how these writers combat the collective and ancestral silencing of women by transforming through textual violence an identity inherited from colonial and patriarchal discourses in order to construct a new subjectivity that escapes traditional structures. I also show how these novelists express their opposition to the fundamentalists' views to escape from the reactionary attitudes of fanatics and those who advocate an uncompromising stance towards women."

Years at Knox: 2008 to present

Ph.D., French and Francophone Studies, 2009, University of Iowa.
M.A., 2001, University of Iowa.
B.A., High Honors in Teaching French as a Second Language, 1996, University of Souma, Blida, Algeria.

Teaching Interests
The twentieth century French novel, Francophone North African Literature and Critical Theory, postcolonial Algeria, cultural identity and diaspora, literature and cinema of immigration in France, and Algerian women writers.

Selected Professional Accomplishments

Graduate Student Travel Grant ($200), Modern Language Association, 2008.
T. Anne Cleary International Fellowship ($7500), University of Iowa, 2005.
Graduate Summer Fellowship ($3000), University of Iowa, 2005.
Election to Phi Sigma Iota, Foreign Language Honor Society, Illinois College, 2002.
French Government Scholarship, University of Nancy II, France (CRAPEL, Centre de Recherche et d'Application Pédagogique en Langues), 1996.
Algerian Government Scholarship, Ministère de l'Enseignement Supérieur, M.E.S (Ministry of Higher Education), 1992-1996.

"Quête de soi et de l'ailleurs: N'zid, ou l'interminable traversée des langues, des cultures et des peuples." Journal of the African Literature Association (JALA), (Forthcoming, December, 2012).

Echec et rebondissement au cœur de l'Afrique : Récit d'un naufrage salvateur dans L'Equation africaine de Yasmina Khadra. 38th Annual African Literature Association Conference, Dallas, Texas, April, 2012.

Routes et déroutes : L'impétueuse traversée de deux femmes en péril dans Harraga, roman de Boualem Sansal. 26th Annual Francophone Studies International Colloquium (Congrès Annuel du Conseil International d'Études Francophones), Thessalonique, Greece, June, 2012.

"Re-naître à soi pour la pérennité de l'art: Le voyage de l'Ulysse tout en crinière dans un roman de Malika Mokeddem." 37th Annual African Literature Association Conference, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio, April, 2011.

"Bataille sur deux fronts: Jeanne d'Arc, l'Algérienne des Djebels ou le Discours de la Résistance chez Leïla Marouane." 25th Annual Francophone Studies International Colloquium (Congrès Annuel du Conseil International d'Études Francophones), Aix-en-Provence, France, May 29-June 5, 2011.

Le séisme au centre de la création littéraire chez Maïssa Bey dans Surtout ne te retourne pas: "Quand la réplique se fait double." African Literature Association 35th Anniversary Conference, University of Vermont, April 2009.

"Quête de soi et de l'ailleurs: N'zid, ou l'interminable traversée des langues, des cultures et des peuples." African Literature Association 34th Anniversary Conference, University of Western Illinois, April 2008.

"L'Enseignement de l'Expression Ecrite en FLE" (Français Langue Etrangère) Poster presentation, Foreign Language Acquisition Research and Education Poster Session, University of Iowa, 1999.

Recruitment presentation on Francophonie, visiting high school students, University of Iowa, 1999.

Professional Service
Member, African Literature Association.

Member,American Association of Teachers of French.

Member, Conseil International d'Etudes Francophones.

Member, Modern Language Association.

Campus & Community Involvement
Faculty Advisor of Students, Fall 2010, Winter 2011, Fall 2012.
Resident Director, Knox Program in Besançon, France, 2011-2012.
Member, Cultural Events Committee (CEC), Fall 2012.
Member, Instructional Support Committee (ISC), Fall 2010, Winter 2011.
Faculty Supervisor of the French Club.
Faculty Advisor of the French Table.
Faculty Organizer of the French House, 2010-2011.
Faculty participant, ACM Workshop on Information Literacy in the Languages, Cornell College, Fall 2010.
Faculty Presenter of the Annual Awards and Prizes at the Honors Banquet for special student accomplishments in French, May 2010: a) Lorraine Smith Prize in French (1929) and b) Helen Rudd Arnold Prize, 1981.

What Students Say

"Professor Longou challenges her students to go beyond the familiar by exploring different perspectives through literature. While her classes examine complex themes, her experience in Algeria allows her to guide discussion easily and help students discover a personal understanding of each story. One of my fondest memories of my time in Besancon is our morning literature classes, sitting in her living room with coffee and fresh croissants, discussing the role of women in the Maghreb. With Professor Longou, students gain a better command of the French language and simultaneously acquire an understanding of the cultures and societies of French-speaking peoples within and beyond the Metropolis."
-Katie Miller, French and International Relations Major

"A day in the classroom of Professor Longou is never a boring one but just the right balance of fun and focus! She is a lively professor who almost always has a smile on her face - and amidst the fun of her group projects and activities, she knows how to challenge her students and keep the classroom engaged and involved."
-Rozina Kidari, Creative Writing and Integrated International Studies Major

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