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Nathalie C. Haurberg

Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics

Years at Knox: 2013 to present

Ph.D., Astronomy and Physics, 2013, Indiana University.
M.A., Astronomy, 2008, Indiana University.
B.A., Physics, cum laude, 2006, Knox College.

Selected Professional Accomplishments

Research Fellow, Indiana University Department of Astronomy, Bloomington, Indiana.
Indiana Space Grant Consortium Graduate Research Fellowship, May 2012 - May 2015.
Graduate Research Fellowship, Indiana Space Grant Consortium, 2012-2013.
College of Arts and Sciences Dissertation Year Fellowship, August 2011 - June 2012.
Indiana Space Grant Consortium Graduate Research Fellowship, March 2009 - March 2010.
Recipient of the Indiana University Outreach Award, 2010.
Graduate Research Fellowship, Indiana Space Grant Consortium, 200-2010.
Recipient of the Frank and Margaret Edmonson Prize, 2009.
NASA International Year of Astronomy Ambassador Fellowship, 2009.
Recipient of the Smith Prize for Achievement in Physics, 2006.

Refereed Publications:
Rhode, K. L., Salzer, J. J., Haurber'gl N. C., Van Sistine, A., Young, M. D., Haynes, M. P., Giovanelli, R., Cannon, J. M., Skillman, E. D., McQuinn, K. B. W., 81 Adams, E. A. K., ALFAZLF/l Dzlfcovery 0f a New Local Group Caa9L9a[c.'DLl1tance Eatimate an@ Redalfa from Optical Imaging ofLeo P, submitted.

Haurberg, N.C., Lubell, G.M.G., Cohn, H.N., Lugger, P.M., Anderson, J., Cool, A.M. & Serenelli, A.M. 2010, ApJ, 722, 158; Ultaviolet-bright Stellar Populations and Their Evoluntionary Implications in the Collapsed-core Cluster M15.

Invited Talk, Indiana Astronomical Society CbemúalAáunßancea of 12 Low-Mada Galaxieafram tbe Arecibo Dual Beam Survey, August, 2012.

Poster, 215'h Meeting of the American Astronomical Society, Washington, DC UV -Brig/.vt Stellar Population.; ¿n t/re Core :rf/1115, Haurbergl N., Lubell, G. M. G., Lugger, P. M., Cohn, H. N., Anderson, J., Cool, A., 8l Serenelli, A. M., January, 2010.

Invited talk, "Exotic Stars in Globular Clusters: How Old Stellar Systems are Fueling a Hot Topic," Knox College, October, 2008.


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