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John Haslem

Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning

John Haslem

Ph.D., 1990, University of Denver.
M.A., 1985, Purdue University.
B.A., 1983, Purdue University.

Teaching Interests
Composition and rhetoric, business and technical writing, and teaching writing.

Selected Professional Accomplishments

"Wannabe No More: The Washington Art Scene Gets Serious." artlinePlus, Washington, D.C., (2007).

"Abstraction, Cows, and the Etiology of Self: Jessie Gifford at the Washington Printmakers Gallery." artlinePlus, Washington, D.C., (2007).

"The Robert Brown Gallery and Our Emerging Cosmopolitanism." artlinePlus, Washington, D.C., (2006).

"Jae Ko: Deconstruction as Invention." artlinePlus, Washington, D.C., (2006).

"Wild Delight: George Harkin and the Economy of Nature." artlinePlus, Washington, D.C., (2006).

"Two Poems, an Incident, and an Art Dealer: Ted Cooper and the Currency of Knowledge." artlinePlus, Washington, D.C., (2006).

"Art, Media, and the Fall of the Aesthete Provocateur." artlinePlus, Washington, D.C.,(2005).

"Art Galleries and a Consideration of Space." artlinePlus, Washington, D.C., (2005).

"Clearly Traditional at the Glass Gallery." artlinePlus, Washington, D.C., (2005).

Webster's New Style Guide. Editor. Wiley Publishing, Inc. 2005.

"Adamson Gallery and the Washington, DC, Commission on the Arts and Humanities." artlinePlus, Washington, D.C., (2004).

"Marquis, Myers, and Statom: Picking Up the Pieces, uh, huh, from Genre to Personality, Objects to Aesthetics." artlinePlus, Washington, D.C., (2004).

"William Willis: Narratives of Invention." artlinePlus, Washington, D.C., (2004).

"Elizabeth Peak: New Watercolors, Monotypes, and Prints." artlinePlus, Washington, D.C., (2004).

"John Winslow: New Paintings." artlinePlus, Washington, D.C., (2003).

"Elaine Treisman: Autobiography of Emotion." artlinePlus, Washington, D.C., (2003).

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Webster's New World Compact Desk Dictionary and Style Guide. Consultant. Macmillan Publishing, 1998.

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"Family and Company," retrospective art review of Mauricio Lasansky, in Journal of the Print World 20.2 (Spring 1997).

"Under the Grandstands" (poem) in Sparrow, Sparrow Press, W. Lafayette, Indiana, (1991).

"One Town Remains" (poem) in Sparrow, Sparrow Press, W. Lafayette, Indiana, (1991).

What Students Say
"John's class asked me to reconsider views I've always held about the world and about myself; it changed the way I approach academics and learning, and I can think of no higher praise for an instructor."
-Kristen Chmielewski, Creative Writing Major, Theatre-Playwriting and Self-Designed Minor

"John always treats students as equals, placing confidence in their ability to master the subject material, listening to their own ideas and providing constructive feedback."
- Nic Watson, Anthropology & Sociology Major, Computer Science Minor

"Knox has been famously called 'a college that changes lives'-- and now that I have studied under John Haslem, I know why."
-Claire Anderson, English Literature and History Major

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