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Gregory Gilbert

Associate Professor and Director of the Art History Program

Gregory Gilbert

General Interests
"My specialized area of research is focused on modern and contemporary American art, specifically contextual and theoretical issues associated with the Abstract Expressionist, Neo-Dada and Pop Art movements. I am particularly interested in studying the intersection of these artistic tendencies with forms of mass visual culture, as well as their relation to trends in American philosophical thought. Some current major projects of mine include:

  • A monograph on Abstract Expressionist artist Robert Motherwell to be published by Phaidon Press.
  • A critical monograph examining connections between Pragmatist philosophy and the American avant-garde, specifically the Pragmatist background for the early Abstract Expressionist art of Robert Motherwell. This is part of a second, larger project to edit an anthology of essays dealing with the influence of American philosophy on modern art of the 19th and 20th centuries.
  • I am currently researching and developing a new course titled 'Visual Cultures: Art and Film,' which will examine theoretical and aesthetic intersections between visual art and cinematic history. I also plan to write a survey text on this subject."

Years at Knox: 1995 to present

Ph.D., Art History, 1998, Rutgers University.
M.A., Art History, 1984, Rutgers University.
Museum Studies Certificate, 1983, Rutgers University Museum Studies Program.
B.F.A., Art History, 1981, University of Kansas.

Teaching Interests
Contemporary American and European art, twentieth century art and architecture, American art, architecture and culture, Native arts of the Americas, interpreting works of art, visual culture theory, Andy Warhol and the visual culture of the 1960s, collage: critical perspectives.

Full Curriculum Vitae - (DOC)

Selected Professional Accomplishments

Philip Green Wright-Lombard College Prize for Distinguished Teaching, 2002.
Application consultant, Frederick E. & Ida H. Hummel Foundation Grant, for institutional funds to acquire ARTstor, 2008.
Knox College Faculty Grant Recipient - U.S. Department of Education, Undergraduate International Studies and Foreign Languages Program, research travel to Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic, Summer 2002; research travel to Paris France, Summer 2001.
Faculty Development Award, to attend Summer Institute of American Philosophy, University of Vermont, 2000; 1999; 1998.
Faculty Development Award, research travel to Mexico City to develop course "Native Arts of the Americas: Their History and Cultural Legacy," Summer 1999.
McNair Faculty Fellow, 2000-2001.

Scale: Ceramic Forms and Photographic Landscapes, Figge Art Museum, 2011.

Beyond Fifteen Minutes of Fame: Andy Warhol's Photographic Legacy. Augustana College Art Museum, 2009.

Touched by the Hands of God: Michelangelo's Models. Figge Art Museum, 2009.

Editor, "Death and Mourning in American Art - Open Session." Constructions of Death, Mourning, and Memory Conference Proceedings, The WAPACC Organization, 2006.

"Robert Motherwell's World War II Collages: Signifying War as Topical Spectacle in Abstract Expressionist Art," The Oxford Art Journal 27.3 (2004.)

"Robert Motherwell: In His Own Words - Again," review of The Collected Writings of Robert Motherwell, ed., Stephanie Terenzio, University of California Press, 1999, in Art Journal 60.3 (2001.)

Outside the Shadow of Rembrandt: Selected 17th Century Prints from the Famulener and Wilson Print Collections, Knox College, 2001.

"Artists and Entertainers." Encyclopedia of AIDS, Fitzroy Dearborn Publishers, 1998.
("Editors Choice" Award for Reference Booklist/Reference Books Bulletin; "Outstanding Reference Book" Award by the New York Public Library Annual Reference Awards)

"An Interview with Rosalind Krauss," The Rutgers Art Review 11 (1990.)

George Overbury "Pop" Hart: His Life and Art, The Rutgers University Press, 1986.

"A.T.&T. Corporate Headquarters" in the Critical Edge: Controversy in Recent American Architecture, MIT Press, 1985.

"The New York Avant-Garde and the Dis-ordering of the Mass Visual Culture of World War II." Midwest Art History Society Conference, Kansas City, 2009.

"Random Order: The Life and Art of Robert Rauschenberg." Topics in Art History Lecture Series, Figge Art Museum, 2008.

Presenter, ACM FaCE Teaching Art History Workshop, Carleton and St. Olaf Colleges, Northfield, Minnesota, 2008.

"Andy Warhol in Context: Pop Art and American Culture." Topics in Art History Lecture Series, Figge Art Museum, 2008.

"Televisual Experience and Montage in the Early Art of Robert Rauschenberg." Midwest Art History Society Conference, Chicago, 2008.

"Death and Mourning in American Art." Session chair, Constructions of Death, Mourning, and Memory Conference, Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey, 2006.

"Robert Motherwell's Early Abstract Expressionist Collages and the Refusal of System." Collage as Cultural Practice Conference, University of Iowa, 2005.

"Rethinking De Kooning's Women: Gender Identity, Mass Culture, and the Social Construct of the 'Patriotute'." College Art Association Conference, Atlanta, 2005.

"Caricature as Commodity in Andy Warhol's Pop Art." Midwest Art History Society Conference, Pittsburgh, 2003.

"Robert Motherwell's Collage and Cutout Aesthetic," Symposium for the exhibition "The American Cutout," New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting and Sculpture, New York City, 2003.

"Caricature as Commodity in Andy Warhol's Pop Art." Excellence in Research - 30 Years of Art History at Rutgers, symposium held in conjunction with 50th Anniversary of the Graduate School, Rutgers University, 2003.

"The Refusal of System: Collage and the New York Avant-Garde of the Early Forties," Midwest Art History Society Conference, Minneapolis, 2001.

"Pragmatist Subjectivity and the New York School: The Case of Robert Motherwell," College Art Association Conference, Chicago, 2001.

"John Dewey and the American Avant-Garde: Re-defining Post-Modern Aesthetics in Relation to Pragmatism," Philosophy of Art Conference - "Re-visioning the Aesthetic: Philosophy of Art after the 20th Century," Beloit College, 2000.

"Multivalence and the Beholder in Abstract Expressionist Art: John Dewey's Reception Aesthetics and the Democratic Ideal." John Dewey, Democracy, and Art Symposium, State University of New York, Cortland, 1999.

Exhibitions Curated
"The Artistic Legacy of Mercedes Matter: The Knox College Students of Mercedes Matter," Figge Art Museum, Davenport, Iowa, 2010.

"Global Currents: The John Deere Art Collection," Figge Art Museum, Davenport, Iowa, 2010.

"Scale: Ceramic Forms and Photographic Landscapes," Figge Art Museum, Davenport, Iowa, 2010.

"Frank Lloyd Wright: The Art of Living," Figge Art Museum, Davenport, Iowa, 2010.

"Beyond Fifteen Minutes of Fame: Andy Warhol's Photographic Legacy," Augustana College Art Museum, Augustana College, Rock Island, Illinois, 2009.

"Touched by the Hands of God: Michelangelo's Models," Figge Art Museum, Davenport, Iowa, 2009.

"Knox College Art Faculty: Past and Present," Galesburg Civic Art Center, Galesburg, Illinois, 2008.

"Outside the Shadow of Rembrandt: Selected 17th Century Prints from the Famulener and Wilson Print Collections," Special Collections, Seymour Library, Knox College, Galesburg, Illinois, 2001.

"Graphic Impressions: Selected 19th Century Prints from the Famulener and Wilson Print Collections," Special Collections, Seymour Library, Knox College, Galesburg, Illinois, 1996.

"George Overbury ‘Pop' Hart," The Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Art Museum, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey, 1986.

Professional Service
Senior Curator, Figge Art Museum, 2009-2011.

Editorial/Advisory Board, Aurora: The Journal of the History of Art.

External Reviewer, Department of the History of Art and Architecture, DePaul University, 2009.

Member, College Art Association.

Member, Midwest Art History Society.

Member, The Association of Art Museum Curators.

Member, Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy.

Campus & Community Involvement
Director, Art History Program, 2009-present.
Committee Member, Studios Midwest Artist Residency Program, 2008-present.
Instructional Support Committee, 2006-present.
Advisor, Pre-Professional Architecture Program, 2003-present.
Board of Directors, Galesburg Civic Art Center, 2003-2010.
Chair, Department of Art and Art History, 2006-2009.
Digital Technology Planning Committee, 2006.
Chair, Campus Environment Committee, 2003-2005.
Campus Advisor, ACM Chicago Arts Program, 2003-2004.
Program Committee Member, American Studies.
Program Committee Member, Film Studies.
Curriculum Committee, 1999-2002.
Judge, Illinois High School Art Competition, Sponsored by the Office of Congressman Lane Evans, Carl Sandburg College, 1999-2002.
Campus Working Group - Interdisciplinary Learning, 2001.

What Students Say
"Greg Gilbert is the sort of professor you hope to meet during your undergraduate career. His enthusiasm, humor, and kindness are matched by the rigor, relevance, and sophistication of his teaching and advising. Greg is able to foster an engaging learning environment that is accessible and enjoyable to students from all disciplines as well as exceeding all expectations as a thoughtful and challenging advisor."
-Anna Kryczka, Art History Major

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