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Mary Crawford

Professor and Chair of Chemistry

Mary Crawford

General Interests
"My laboratory uses kinetic, mechanistic, and computational approaches to determine the products formed and the rate constants of reactions of the hydroxyl radical and the chlorine atom with various anthropogenic substances. Of particular interest at this time is the study of fuel additives."

Years at Knox: 1997 to present

Ph.D., 1999, Purdue University.
B.A., 1989, Knox College.

Teaching Interests
General chemistry, chemistry and environmental policy, inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, chemical laboratory principles.

Selected Professional Accomplishments

"A Microscale Method to Demonstrate the Belousov-Zhabotinskii Reaction." Baird, Carolyn, Reynolds, Helen B., Crawford, Mary A. Journal of Chemical Education 88.7 (2011): 960-961.

"Study of the Kinetics of an SN 1 Reaction by Conductivity Measurement." Marzluff, Elaine M., Crawford, Mary A., Reynolds, Helen. Journal of Chemical Education 88.11 (2011): 1586-1588.

"Kinetic Study of OH radical reaction with n-heptane and n-hexane at 240-340K using the relative rate/discharge flow/mass spectrometry (RR/DF/MS) technique." Crawford, Mary A., Dang, Bao, Hoang, John, Li, Zhuangjie. International Journal of Chemical Kinetics 43.9 (2011): 489-497.

"Determination of Myoglobin Stability by Circular Dichroism Spectroscopy: Classic and Modern Data Analysis." Mehl, Andy, Crawford, Mary, & Zhang, Lei. Journal of Chemical Education, 2009.

"A Kinetic and Product Study of Chlorine Atom with CH3CH2OD." Co-authored with Z. Li, H. Heuerman, and D. Kinscherff, Int. J. Chem. Kinet 36 (2004): 584.

"Kinetics and Mechanism of the Acetylperoxy + HO2 Reaction." Co-authored with T.J. Wallington, J.J. Szente, M.M. Maricq, and J.S.J. Francisco, Physical Chemistry A 103 (1999): 365.

"The Kinetics of Acetylperoxy=HO2." Department of Chemistry, Jackson State University, 1998.

What Students Say
"Professor Crawford served as my advisor for summer research in chemistry. She pushed me to learn on my own while still offering me insight into her knowledge. I have learned a lot from Mary, and she encourages and cares for her students. Mary has helped make my Knox experience great."
-Christopher Miles, Biochemistry Major

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