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David Amor

Instructor Emeritus of Journalism and Anthropology-Sociology

David Amor

General Interests
"I am interested in the complex interplay among journalists and other media producers, the organizations they work for, larger social and political institutions, and the imaginative and material lives of the ordinary people who work, play, think and dream in a world saturated by the mass media. My goal is to help students make better sense of this ever-changing media matrix as scholars, consumers and citizens."

Years at Knox: 1987 to 2013

M.A., Journalism, 1986 University of Wisconsin-Madison.
M.A., History, 1974, Stanford University, Stanford, California.
B.A., 1970, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C.

Teaching interests
Media and society, globalization.

Selected Professional Accomplishments

"The Best Surprise is No Surprise." Submitted op-ed column, Register-Mail and September (2012.)

"Preserving that 'More Perfect Union'". Submitted opinion column, Register-Mail and, October 28 (2010.)

Contributor, Community Roundtable, Register-Mail and Writes weekly short op-eds on topics specified by the editor.

"Why are we Ostriches about Climate Change?" Submitted opinion column, Register-Mail and December 21 (2009.)

"Campaigns as Real Fictions." Invited lecture, Election 2012! course, Fall 2012.

"Interested Parties Use the Media." Invited lecture, Election 2012! course, Fall 2012.

"Critical Thinking and FP: Liberal Education as the Basis for Autonomous Ethical Engagement in the 21st Century." Opening Lecture, First-Year Preceptorial, September 8, 2010.

"Looking at the Film Industry from a Political Economy of Culture Perspective." Invited Presentation, 2009.

Campus & Community Involvement
Co-director, First-Year Preceptorial Program, 2006-2011.
Director of Corporate & Foundation Relations, 2000-2006.
Director of Development Communication, 1996-1999.
Director of College Communication, 1991-1995.

What Students Say
"The discussions we have in David's classes often feel more like conversations that parallel the kind of focused fervor he brings to the field of social media. He challenges students not only to question and criticize, but also to understand and appreciate the mediated world around them. An accessible and genuinely supportive mentor in and outside class, David always puts his students first."
-Jen Milius, Art History and Visual Communication Design double Major

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