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KnoxCorps Members

In the fall of 2012, Knox College and the Galesburg Community Foundation partnered in an innovative civic engagement program known as KnoxCorps. This fall, 13 graduates and current students took up positions with local non-profit organizations to support and staff important initiatives and to bring additional energy and commitment to those organizations. KnoxCorps members work with their host organizations and each other to create new collaborations within the community and launch new initiatives together.

Community Engagement
KnoxCorps Fellows, who are recent graduates of Knox College, serve organizations for approximately 10 months. Undergraduate KnoxCorps members, named Associates, have made a two-year commitment to serve organizations for at least eight hours per week.

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Current KnoxCorps partnerships are:

KnoxCorps Partner KnoxCorps Member
Carl Sandburg College Maya Flores, Knox College Junior
CASA Ruth Amerman, Knox College Senior
Discovery Depot Tarere Eyimina, F&M Bank Fellow
Downtown Council Mydel Santos, Knox College Senior
FISH Food Pantry Bridget Doherty, Knox College Junior
Galesburg Community School District #205 Stephanie Peter, Galesburg Community Foundation and Galesburg Public Schools Foundation Fellow
Galesburg Convention and Visitors Bureau Josh Hosmer-Quint, G.L. Vitale Family Foundation Fellow
Knox County Health Department Emma Poland, Knox County Health Department Fellow
Knox Prairie Community Kitchen Frank Foster-Bolton, Knox College Junior
Prairie Players Civic Theatre Steve Selwa, Kleine Equipment, Inc. Fellow
Sustainable Business Center Kasandara Sullivan, HumanLinks Foundation Fellow
United Way of Knox County Max Glassner, Knox College Senior
YMCA of Knox County Jazmine Kenny, Knox College Sophomore

Community Support

KnoxCorps Fellow positions are directly supported by sponsors whose contributions are used to cover the annual compensation of each Fellow. A grant from PNC sponsors transportation for the KnoxCorps. This partnership makes visible the commitment between the community and the College. 

The local businesses and organizations sponsoring KnoxCorps are:

  • F&M Bank
  • G.L. Vitale Family Foundation
  • Galesburg Community Foundation
  • Galesburg Public Schools Foundation
  • HumanLinks Foundation
  • Knox County Health Department
  • Kleine Equipment, Inc.
  • PNC


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