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Qualifications, Financing, and Application

Program directors welcome the application of all Knox students, regardless of academic interest or time at Knox. First-year students are more than welcome to apply. While there are no specific prerequisite courses to participate in the Green Oaks Term, applicants should have enough background in arts, natural sciences, or social sciences to enroll in 300-level courses and should have a general interest in all areas of the program.

Students who participate in Green Oaks Term must also be self-motivated and disciplined. The term requires great amounts of energy, versatility, communication, and the ability to cooperate and co-exist with other students. Life at Green Oaks is substantially different than ordinary American and campus life, so applicants should consider seriously whether they are temperamentally suited to a term at Green Oaks before applying.

Financing the Term
The Green Oaks Term program fee is the equivalent of the cost of one term for a full meal plan and double-occupancy room, which, for most students, will cost the same as a normal term on campus. Students are required to move out of their campus dorm rooms while participating in the Green Oaks term. Billing for the term is carried out in the same way as it would be for a normal term on campus. Financial aid and scholarships are still applied in the same manner.

The Application Process
During the spring and fall terms prior to each program, information sessions on the Green Oaks Term are offered on campus. In the fall term prior to the program, all Knox students receive mailings with links to an application form and other pertinent information.

The application involves filling in basic information and writing an essay that discusses how the program would benefit his or her educational goals and how the applicant is qualified to excel in the program and contribute to the program in general. The application deadline varies, but is always early enough that students can be notified of their acceptance prior to the conclusion of the fall term. Acceptance is based on demonstrated academic excellence, relevant background and goals, essay strength, and the content of two required letters of recommendation from Knox faculty.

Questions about these or other program details may be directed to Jon Wagner.

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