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Green Oaks Term

Green Oaks Term has been described as a seamless web connecting academic life, solitude, group activity, and the practical challenges of daily living. Offered once every two years during spring term, it offers 12 students the opportunity to reside at Schurr Hall at Knox's Green Oaks Biological Field Station.
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Green Oaks Field Station facility
The Green Oaks Biological Field Station, which is located about a half hour's drive from the Knox campus, is home to several different habitats, including tallgrass prairie, old growth oaks, second-growth oak-hickory forest, strip-mined lands, lakes, and streams, all of which offer students a natural and social setting as well as a context for artistic expression.
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Coursework and research
During their ten weeks at Green Oaks, students are immersed in an interdisciplinary curriculum taught by Knox faculty from three different academic departments. The curriculum is broad and often includes topics such as ecology, nature writing, nature and art, utopian societies, regional natural history, sustainability. Guest speakers and field trips are common supplements.
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Life at Green Oaks
Students describe the 10-week experience as their "best term at Knox," and "a life changing experience" and emphasize its role in the growth and development of their world views. "I went out with few expectations and accomplished more than I thought I could have. I learned so much from my professors, peers, and nature," commented one student. "We learned, we interacted, we invented, we submersed ourselves in our studies. It was a full term. My only complaint is that it didn't seem long enough."
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