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Umbeck Science-Mathematics Center


The Sharvy G. Umbeck Science-Mathematics Center houses many of the College's science departments, classrooms, and research facilities. The building is arranged with a central core surrounded by four wings that house specific science and mathematics departments.

Foster Learning Center
The core of the Umbeck Science-Mathematics Center consists of The Harold T. and Mary C. Foster Learning Center, featuring classrooms on the first floor. The Kresge Science-Math Library, located on the second floor, features collections focusing on reserves and periodicals in mathematics and the sciences. In addition, this wing houses the Audiovisual department; the Environmental Studies department can be found here, as well.

Umbeck Salzberg Chemistry Wing
The Paul L. Salzberg Wing houses the Knox Chemistry Department. Students studying in the Chemistry Department have access to the department's up-to-date research equipment, including gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer, NMR, ESR, GCMS and a new laser lab.
Umbeck Longden Physics Wing
NMR, laser and digital electronics labs. The Aladine Cummings Longden Wing houses the Physics Department. Students studying physics have access to the Physics Department's Mössbauer spectroscope, X-ray diffraction instrumentation and Celestron telescopes. The Longden Wing also houses the offices of the Registrar, and the Environmental Studies Department.
Umbeck Pritchard Mathematics Wing
The Lysle E. Pritchard Wing houses the Departments of Mathematics, Mathematical Finance, Computer Science, and Psychology. It is also home to the Office of Advancement.
Umbeck Hunter Biology Wing
The Hunter Biology Wing houses extensive facilities for classes, lab sessions and student and faculty research projects. The wing houses advanced equipment, including transmission and scanning electron microscopes for conducting research in Cell and Molecular Biology, Tissue Culture, and Microscopy. Additional facilities include a vertebrate museum and greenhouse.

Computer and Telecommunications Center
Located in the lower level along with two student computer labs: the Stellyes Classroom and the Caterpillar Lab, and the Mathematica Lab. Located on the first floor of the building; psychology students have access to the Department's micro-computing facility.

HISTORY The Center is named after Sharvey G. Umbeck, president of Knox College from 1949 until his death in 1973. Umbeck guided the expansion of Knox's facilities in many areas, including both the sciences and the fine arts. Each of the Center's wings in turn is named in honor of important Knox alumni and benefactors who have contributed to the advancement of science at the College and beyond. More
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