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We designed our 3-3 academic calendar to give our students both depth and flexibility in their academic pursuits.

In each of our three 10-week terms students take only three courses (hence the 3-3), giving them time and energy for a deeper level of study than what is often possible with a semester schedule. Each course is the equivalent of a semester's worth of work. Faculty members teach only two courses each term, giving them more time for one-on-one mentoring.

The long break between the fall and winter terms lets students engage in career and graduate school exploration, pursue an independent research project, take advantage of an internship, or pursue one of our off-campus study opportunities.

2015-16 Academic Calendar Key Dates

Fall Term 2015

September 5-9 -- New student arrival and orientation

September 10 -- Classes begin

November 16-18 -- Final exams

Winter Term 2016

January 4 -- Classes begin

March 11-13 -- Final exams

Spring Term 2016

March 23 -- Classes begin

May 29-31 -- Final exams

June 5 -- Commencement

View the complete 2015-16 Academic Calendar.

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