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Students' Favorite Galesburg Spots

What's the coolest place in Galesburg? Read what current Knox students say about their favorite spots in town, and check out 101 Fun Things to Do as a Knox Student.

Dushawn Darling '15

"My favorite place off campus is The Landmark and Boys & Girls Club because at these places I don't have to be anyone but myself."  - Dushawn Darling '15
Kailee Gawlik '14

"Q's Cafe is by far my favorite place in Galesburg. The atmosphere is so homey, the food is comforting and delicious, and the people are incredibly kind. Whenever I need some comfort food or time to de-stress, I go there for lunch."  - Kailee Gawlik '14
Bridget Golembiewski '15

"I love the antique mart in town; it's so close to campus and has a ton of cool stuff."  - Bridget Golembiewski '15
Jakeb Maryott '15

"I like walking by the rail yard to see the underlying economic infrastructure of Galesburg. Without the rail yard, this town would probably be much smaller or nonexistent."  - Jakeb Maryott '15
Bekah Lauer '14

"Off campus, I love the Beanhive Café. It is so cozy, and I love walking in and immediately being hit with the smell of coffee and the chill atmosphere."  - Bekah Lauer '14
Maddie Mondeaux '15

"My friends and I love to go to The Purple Hanger on the weekends. Thrift shopping is the best kind of retail therapy, and the proceeds go to the local women's shelter."  - Maddie Mondeaux '15
Jamal Nelson '14

"I love to visit the comic book shop off campus. I am a huge comic book geek, and it's one of the things that helps me relax after a long day."  - Jamal Nelson '14
Jonathan Vardon '15

"My favorite off campus place would have to be Innkeepers for their windows of mouthwatering desserts."  - Jonathan Vardon '15