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Our Future

Our FutureAt Knox we take pride in our history and our traditions. And they are not just matters of trivia or long-ago events. The founding values of the College and the core of our academic mission are reflected daily in our classrooms, in our campus and residential life and in the spirited and respectful pursuit of knowledge that occurs in each of those places.

A Knox education always looks beyond the classroom, to the broader life on campus, to the community where we expand and deepen studies, and to the world where we will apply our knowledge and abilities.

A Changing World
All around us, that world is undergoing fundamental changes. Globalization, climate change, and technological advancement are transforming every aspect of our natural world, our social, cultural, and political institutions, and our everyday lives.

More than ever, a successful education is one that prepares students to think for themselves, to continue to learn and to guide them in a changing world with confidence, competence and proportion.

At Knox, we believe a liberal arts education is the best preparation for life.

In fact, the very thing we seek to give to our students -- the freedom to flourish -- is something that we nurture in our own institution. By strengthening our curriculum, our learning environment, our campus and our community, we help ensure the success of our educational mission and our College.

To pursue those goals:

  • Our course catalog, our lineup of distinctive programs, our opportunities for research and independent study, and our support centers for classroom and campus life are constantly evolving to meets the needs of our faculty and our students.
  • An aggressive advancement program seeks out funding to support our faculty and improve our facilities, our infrastructures, and our educational resources.
  • A sustainability initiative is helping the College address the impact of its activities on the environment, to set an example of responsible resource management, and to make our day-to-day operations as efficient as possible.

An Enduring Mission
As the world changes, our coursework, academic programs, and the College itself will continue to change and evolve. But always with an eye toward our history and the important founding values of the College that have not faded with the march of time.

Knox College looks to the future with a confident vision of our role in, and our positive contribution to, the world - as teachers, as students, as scholars, as alumni, and as an institution.

We are Knox.