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6. Sanctioning and Corrective Actions

Upon reviewing the Hearing Panel's decision and any impact or character statements submitted by the respondent and/or the complainant, the Dean of Students will determine what, if any, sanctions will be imposed and will notify each party of any sanctions in writing to the extent permitted or required by law and, to the greatest extent possible, contemporaneously and concurrently. Each party will be notified in writing by the Dean of Students within 4 days of the completion of the Dean's deliberations unless the Dean of Students determines that additional time is required. The Dean of Students will also provide a copy of his or her decision regarding sanctions to the Title IX Coordinator

The College will take reasonable steps to prevent the recurrence of any violations of the Policy and to correct the discriminatory effects on the complainant (and others, if appropriate). The range of potential sanctions/corrective actions that may be imposed against a student includes but is not limited to the following: written or verbal apology, discrimination or harassment education, verbal or written warning, probation, suspension, and dismissal from the College.

In no event will the complainant in matters involving an alleged violation of the Policy that involves sex discrimination, sexual harassment, or other sexual misconduct be required to abide by a nondisclosure agreement that would prevent disclosure of the outcome. In instances where the College is unable to take disciplinary or other corrective action in response to a violation of this policy because a complainant insists on confidentiality or for some other reason, the College will nonetheless pursue other steps to limit the effects of the conduct at issue and prevent its recurrence.

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