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3. Prior to the Hearing

The Title IX Coordinator or his/her designee will offer to meet individually with the parties to answer any questions and explain the process as soon as possible after issuing the notice of hearing. In addition, at any such meeting the parties will again be given an opportunity to choose a member of the Knox Community to serve as his/her Process Advisor who can provide procedural guidance and information in preparing for the hearing and throughout the hearing process.

Each party may choose to have a non-attorney individual present outside the hearing location whose sole function is to provide personal and moral support to that party. The Support Individual does not represent a party, nor does s/he have an active voice during the proceedings. The individual who provides optional personal support will not be allowed in the hearing room during the hearing but may remain in a nearby room throughout the hearing process. The Support Individual may be a currently enrolled Knox College student or a currently employed faculty member or staff person.

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