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2. Composition of the Hearing Panel

Hearings to address complaints alleging violations of the Policy by students will be conducted by a Hearing Panel, except that the Dean of Students may conduct a hearing in extraordinary circumstances if the Hearing Panel cannot reasonably be convened. The Hearing Panel shall consist of three persons that are drawn from the Grievance Board, a pool of no fewer than 6 individuals from the College community (i.e., faculty members, staff members, and students) who have received training in College policies, the dynamics of sexual misconduct, the determination of credibility, and the preponderance of the evidence standard. In addition to these three persons, the Hearing Panel will also have a Chair who will be selected from the Grievance Board and who will be a non-voting member of the Hearing Panel. To the extent possible, each Hearing Panel will be comprised of two members who are College employees and one student. Faculty members shall be appointed to the Grievance Board by FASCom, staff members by the Vice-President of Finance & Administration, and student members by the Student Senate. The hearing shall be chaired by a faculty member appointed by the Title IX Coordinator from among the faculty members of the Board.

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