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1. Notice of Hearing

The Title IX Coordinator or his/her designee will provide any statements from the complainant and respondent along with the investigation report to the Chair of the Hearing Panel. Unless the Hearing Panel determines in its discretion that more time is required, any hearing will be held within 21 days of the completion of the Investigation Report and its submission to the Title IX Coordinator unless the College determines that additional time is required. Both parties will be informed in writing of the date, time, and location of the hearing and will be informed of the names of persons serving on the Hearing Panel. The parties will be given at least 14 days advance notice of the hearing unless the Title IX Coordinator determines that less time is appropriate or required in a given situation. If the alleged victim of a sexual assault elects not to request or participate in a hearing, the College reserves the right to take the matter to a hearing, in which the College will be a party to the hearing.

Either party may request that the hearing be rescheduled at any time and must specify the reasons for the request. The Title IX Coordinator or his/her designee for the case will determine whether to grant the request.

Either party may ask that a member of the Hearing Panel be removed if the party believes that person has bias, conflict of interest or cannot be fair and impartial. These requests must be received in writing by the Title IX Coordinator or his/her designee within 3 days of notification of the hearing.

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