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D. Informal Resolution Procedure

Allegations of sexual misconduct, including allegations of sexual assault or sexual violence, may not be resolved using an informal resolution procedure (i.e., mediation). However, other alleged violations of the Policy, including some allegations of sexual harassment, may be resolved using an informal resolution process overseen by one or more College representatives if (i) the College determines, in its discretion, that such a process would be appropriate; and (ii) all parties agree to participate.

The parties to any such informal process will not be required to deal directly with one another without the College's involvement. Instead, after an initial investigation of the complaint carried out by the appropriate staff members, the complainant and the Title IX Coordinator or other College official selected by the College may agree to attempt to resolve the complaint informally. The Title IX Coordinator and the complainant may agree to seek an informal resolution of the complaint by meeting with the respondent, maintaining anonymity if appropriate or possible. The Title IX Coordinator can also arrange for any current member of the college faculty, staff or student community to be asked to assist with the informal process by meeting with both parties separately or together.

At that time, the relevant College official will share the investigative report with both parties if such a report has been completed as of that time. The Grievance Coordinator or other College official will discuss with the complainant the outcome of the steps taken through the informal procedures. If the complainant is satisfied, the informal procedure is completed and the resolution will be documented.

Any party may request that the informal resolution process be terminated at any time, in which case the formal resolution procedure (described below) would commence. In addition, any party can pursue formal resolution if he or she is dissatisfied with a proposed informal resolution. Finally, as described above, the College may elect to pursue a formal resolution procedure even if the complainant does not wish to bring the matter to a Hearing Panel.

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