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Part 2: Carrying Out the Mission

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The Knox statement of mission sets out the overarching goals of a Knox education, and identifies four means through which e goals are carried out. This section of the self-study takes up each of these areas in turn, analyzing the elements of each area mentioned in the mission statement (shown in the bulleted lists below). Small adjustments have been made where a topic has been covered elsewhere in the self-study. The section concludes with a chapter that summarizes the impact of a Knox education.

  • inquiry in traditional as well as newer disciplines
  • the integrative perspective of interdisciplinary work
  • skills of writing, reading, calculating and critical analysis
  • sophisticated research and creative expression
  • critical exchange of ideas
  • high expectations and persistent demands for rigorous thinking
  • supportive and egalitarian environment
  • informality and openness that mirrors our Midwestern surroundings
  • encouraging personal, cultural and intellectual growth
  • a reflective, tolerant and engaged campus community
  • supportive residential opportunities
  • numerous student organizations
  • wide array of creative activities and cultural programming
  • intercollegiate and recreational sports
  • shared mission and values
  • a diverse community of students, faculty and staff
  • commitment to make learning matter at the level of the individual, the college and local communities, and the world beyond


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Printed on Wednesday, May 25, 2016

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